Monday, January 24, 2011

of cicles

This winter has been pretty mild, temperature-wise.  Snow-wise-- NO.  But hey, having a warm'ish winter is pretty great.  It allows me to prolong bustin' out Big Blackie which basically signifies surrender to a long, listless winteral depression.
Today, however, is different. It's cold. Very cold.  Big Blackie, Julian and I went for a walk.   Along the way we observed the many layers of snow we've received in the past month.  Snow upon old snow is so gross.   But what stood out even more was all the dog pee (and probably some human pee, let's face it).   That is pretty gross, and i thought maybe the grossest thing about today. It was frozen in some places. A peecicle.    And then i came home and read my sister-in-law's blog about how her daughter threw up on the porch and by the time she had taken her in and cleaned her up, the puke had frozen and she had to chip it away to clean it up. HA! Eww.   What's worse? peecicle or pukecicle?  I'm going to say the pukecicle wins.  <-- And i think that statement is a lot more symbolic than I realize.


Andrew said...

I would SO much rather chip frozen vomit off of concrete and let it thaw and soak into the ground at a later date than wipe it up still in liquid form.

Joel said...

This reminds me of the Shel Silverstein poem:

If you add a sicle to your pop,
Would he become a popsicle?
Would a mop become a mopsicle?
Would a cop become a copsicle?
Would a barf become a barfsicle?

Guess which line I added?

Anneka said...

Ha ha ha... ick.

Natalie R. said...

Oh man, I'm laughing even as I worry about making my own pukecicle!!