Friday, January 14, 2011


I have a cold today. 'ish.  A sort-of cold.  It's been coming on for days. I've been fighting like a hero to keep it away from myself.  This means lots of emergen-c, etc.  And it's really not much of a cold. It's mostly a headache and lots and lots of sneezing. That's it? Headache + sneezing?  What's up with that? Fortunately, instead of teaching Julian to say "bless you" or "gesundheit" (<--which i totally should have done--parenting fail) I taught him to say, "Aaaaaatchoooooo!" after we sneeze.  I kind of feel like it's an applause, which I appreciate.

But still, what kind of cold is this? not that i'm complaining, but still.  Weak attempt, virus. Weak. 

It snowed again this week. Only about 8 inches. This would be a decent snow if we hadn't had "Snowmageddon" over Christmas.  Or our "Snowpocalypse."   These are terms used to describe the big storm and i like them both.  What a snowtastrophy it was.   Everyone was in emergensnow mode.  The city's attempt to clean up and plow was a total fiasnow (<--stretch).  

Aaanyway, one of the annoying things about when it snows is that Julian and I are stranded. a) he doesn't walk and weighs that of a baby walrus. b) the stroller just doesn't work in the snow.  Which is why I need THIS:

Are you kidding me?!? These things exist??  I was halfway finished mentally inventing it when I decided to google "snow stroller" and found this.  Whyyyy why oh why do i not have it??  And for the record, if i had invented it, i'd have called it a snowller.   My friend Sarah who lives in B-town, has cross-country skis (jealous).  Can you imagine if i had skis with this snowller?  DANG.  
I also want this, for the record:

DANG. why do i not have these things?!? Human being FAIL.  ohhh that i had a time machine.
And that's about all i have to say right now. I'm going to go quasi-rest, maybe take an almost-nap so I can get better from this lukewarm.   *publish*


Michelle said...

Those things look awesome! Who knew they existed?

)en said...

The Canadians, that's who.

Ashley said...

Let's talk about why the second snowller has a mouse attached. What the heck is that thing?

)en said...

there's more to this snowller than meets the eye.

i think it's a rope with with to pull the sled. i mean snowller.