Monday, November 29, 2010

Would You Rather Hangover

I don't know about you, but I'm in need of some would-you-rathers to help me survive the crushing blow that is Mondays after a holiday.  Let's get to it.

Would you rather have a lot of permanent crust around your eyes -OR- have permanent white drool crust around your mouth?

Definitely the eyes.  I think mouth crust is a lot grosser.  But this brings me to question, though. where do you look when you're looking at a person who's speaking to you? Have you noticed? I look at the nose and I'm starting to wonder if that's way too far down.  Can they tell? Should i be staring at the eyes? I can't, there are two of them. So do i look at one eye? Or right in-between the eyes? I got side-tracked here but i really do want to know.

Would you rather go back in time to magically prevent the Titanic from sinking -OR- magically prevent the stock market from crashing in 1929?

I have no idea what effect my saving the stock market crash would have on today's economy and the population, etc.  But i do know that if I prevented the Titanic from sinking, James Cameron couldn't have made his movie, and that, in addition to those lives lost on the boat, would be a life-saving gift for all of humankind.

Would you rather have a bionic eye -OR- a bionic ear?


Would you rather run 20 miles in 68-degree weather -OR- 8 miles in 100-degree weather?

Since running 10 steps is what i would scientifically label as pure torture, I'll choose 8 miles in 100 degrees.  Actually, i do think it'd be awesome to run a marathon.  Running is the opposite of who I am as a person, but honestly, i think i'd like to train for a marathon. It's so cool.  Every person who's run a marathon is my hero.  

Would you rather have your significant other be sensitive to your feelings -OR- have your significant other respect your intellect (but not both)?

I would choose sensitive to feelings.  Because then, even if he thought it, he'd never say to me, "geez you're stupid."   I just asked Sean which he'd rather (as my significant other) and he says, "for our relationship, it's better for me to be sensitive to your feelings."   What are you saying, Sean?    Ok, he goes on to say, "anyone can respect your intellect, but as your husband, i should be sensitive to your feelings."   Yes i typed all that while he was talking.  I'm totally listening.

Would you rather always come in second in every contest you enter -OR- come in dead last 9 out of 10 times, but first every tenth try?

This is hard. At first i was going to say that i feel like I already do the 2nd option, but i don't think that's true. Not dead last anyway. But if it were so, it would be danged rewarding to finally win.  I'm a little bit competitive but not that competitive, so coming in 2nd all the time wouldn't be so bad.   However, I'm reminded of this question and-- how many contests do I enter in my life??    Probably not as many as I should, actually.  Ok, i don't know. Next.

Would you rather see everything in slow-motion -OR- see everything move at double speed?

Hmm. Well, if i saw everything in slow-mo, then I could anticipate a lot of things in life. And, it would be a great way to learn patience.  If i saw everything move at double speed, I'd miss everything and probably have a seizure.  So i choose option A. 

Would you rather be freed by the fire department after your hand got caught in the toilet bowl (while dressed) -OR- after your finger got caught in the shower head (while naked)? 

Oh i could only dream of something like this happening to me. Though i'd rather not be naked. I choose toilet bowl for sure. 

and you?

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