Monday, November 08, 2010

A List

Sean and I had an amazingly productive Saturday.  Julian was kind of lazy though.  We made a list of all our things. Want to read it? I thought so:
  • first thing of the day, I woke up to Julian & a serious diaper catastrophe. We haven't had too many of these but this one was a goodie.  Poop up the back, on the blankets, on who knows what else? I yelled, laughed, grabbed Julian, tore off the changing pad cover and went to work.  It's bad when you have to wipe horizontally.  Then i threw Julian in the bath with Sean and Julian cried because he's not used to a regular bathtub. Ha ha. This set the precedent for the day, I am convinced.
  • Cleaned the church almost single-handedly.  Ok, not really. But i did vacuum the entire top floor. Julian played with the cord. Sean washed the blackboards which probably pleases him more than anyone else. 
  • Did a little shoppin'.  
  • On our anniversary we drove up north to small town called Cold Spring.  I think Sean told me George Washington named it.  We set out to browse all the antiques and eat some food and see the foliage. Mission accomplished.  We specifically set out to find a chest for Julian's toys. It had to be perfect. When i saw it, I knew it was it.  I wish i'd taken some before pictures but i never do. Sean worked on it all day, interspersed with other tasks. He cleaned it, fixed it, replaced fixtures, possibly shellac'ed it, and I don't know what else. But it's gorgeous. I love it. Having fine-tuned his skills at estimating the stylings and age of antique frames, Sean guesses this chest is from the 20's or 30's but who knows.  Let's just say Colonial Times.
Wait, side story. This was funny. On our drive up to Cold Spring we took the scenic Palisades Parkway. The leaves stretch out over the road and it's very beautiful.  You always anticipate the fall leaves as being wondrous and beautiful so when we first saw the leaves I may not have realized at first just how ridiculously and also falsely bright they were, for I was wearing my brown sunglasses, the brown sunglasses that give everything a warm hue, that heighten and brighten every color.  So when we first saw the leaves, my reaction:  "Wow... wow! What the CRAP?!?  These colors are insane!! What--everything's FLUORESCENT!"  "That tree is on FIRE!"   I carried on like this for a while before we realized my glasses were creating these unearthly colors, and i couldn't ever take them off because the leaves were kind of disappointing without them.    

More bullets for Saturday.
  • While Julian napped, Sean and i had ourselves a mini-date. We ran across the street to the french place and had hot chocolate and an orange caramel crepe.  Ha ha.  Call us bad parents, I don't care. I justify this by saying it'd be the equivalent of spending some time in your backyard while your kid sleeps.  Or taking a 30-minute shower. What's the big deal?  And that's a perk of living in a city, friends.   It was awesome. 
  • Sean ran to the hardware store for some hardware. 
  • I did a mega-grocery shopping trip. This is super boring but it was kind of a big deal since i haven't done this solo since J-man was born. I brought out the old trusty cart and everything!  Ah, old times.
  • We made enchiladas for the next day, and prepped food for our dinner that night.
  • We made the HUGEST vat of carrot soup i've ever seen in my life.  It was for a church thing we were not attending because we're so generous. 
  • Made a pumpkin pie using softened vanilla ice cream--interesting!
  • Took out the trash & recycling
  • Cleaned out the fridge, providing me with all the small tupperware containers i would ever want. Dream.  This is one of Sean's favorite things to do, and one of my favorite things for him to do as well.  
  • FINISHED the chest!
Here's the sideways pic of the chest sideways in the hall. Wish i could get better pics, and i could if i were more patient, but i'm not.  Happy day to you.

Ok, here's the chest in action. 


Natalie R. said...

That was a very busy day, and a dang awesome toy chest! Julian is a lucky guy. :0) The crepe sounds delicious, and what a great side story. Have you ever had one of those times when you're in the car and you see the most incredible sunsets, so you roll down the window for a better look only to realize it's not quite so cool w/ out the tinted window? I usually rol the window back up again and pretend I didn't notice. :0)

Rob said...

brown sun glasses are the best. They even make AZ in August look good. Well...better.

You should try them on diaper disasters. It really deepens the colors.

Alanna said...

Love the toy chest. Things like that just make me happy. Don't love waking up to blow-out diapers so much. I remember seeing one of those at church once before I had kids and wondering how that poor kid's parents had let him get into a state like that. Now I know! (And now I don't judge quite so hastily, either!)

I can never decide which I like better: weekends where I get TONS done, or weekends where I do NOTHING. They both have their merit, I guess!

Brooke said...

I may or may not know parents who do the following:

-With their cell phone, call the home phone.
-Pick up the home phone, and leave it in the sleeping baby's room.
-Keep the cell phone open and on speaker, and then go down the street a couple houses to hang out.

It's like a baby monitor, but with ye olde cell phone.

Rob said...

How did you know we do that?! Except we do it cell phone to cell phone to save minutes. I rationalize it is the same as being in some big houses with the baby asleep at the other end...right?

)en said...

Ha! Why, that's brilliant! I am TOTALLY doing that. Do you realize we have restaurants YARDS away?? Do you realize how much i miss eating out with Sean?? Why did no one tell me this trick before, or that it was semi-socially acceptable?

Yes, Rob. It's totally the same.

You know, on a slightly different note.. I don't need a big house. I don't even want a big house. But i would love a looong house with a room at the end to stick the kid. Dream of dreams.