Friday, October 22, 2010

Would You Rather Friday

One reason I like doing would you rathers is because I enjoy thinking critically about important things.  Here we go.

Would you rather jump into a bathtub of ice water -OR- jump into a bathtub of lukewarm egg salad?

I would rather jump into the egg salad because I sure have never done anything remotely close to that before.

Would you rather have to talk holding your tongue with your hand -OR- have to keep a hand over one eye to see?

So, is my tongue so BIG i have to hold it? Or do i have my regular-size tongue but i just have to hold it? That's going to seriously impair my speech.   I guess i'd rather have to keep a hand over one eye to see. I could just get an eye patch and be extra cool.  One time i had an infection in an eye and wore only one contact, so everything always had this blurry haze around it.  I got used to it, i think, but it might have made me a little crazy.

Would you rather have to spend an entire pro basketball game with your face sticking right above the rim -OR- an entire hockey game with your face sticking out into the middle of the goal net?

I'm going to choose basketball.  Can they still score if my head's in the way? How big's the rim? How big's my head? Maybe i should measure these things.  But if it's too big, they might not want to shoot anyway. What if i was in the hoop belonging to the team i'm against? I could head-butt the ball out of the hoop. Hmm. Then they would hate me and try to dunk every ball. But can i use my body to fight people off as they approach? This one's getting out of hand. Irregardless, I'd rather take a basektball to the face than a hockey puck.  Plus, it'd be more entertaining because hockey is b-b-b-BORING.

Would you rather be a boy named Muffin -OR- a girl named Arnold Jasper?

Ha ha!  Well, at least Arnold is a real name for a human.  I'll take that one.  Arnie isn't so bad. 

Would you rather travel the world -OR- build your dream house (but not both)?

HARSH.  Aaagh.   I guess i'd choose... build my dream house.  I've got a lot of plans.  But i'd cry at not being able to travel the world.  But i do that anyway.  But do i cry about not having my dream house? No.  So hard!   For now i'll say option B.  For now.

Would you rather be the first to discover alien life -OR- the first to discover a live Tyrannosaurus Rex?

The obvious answer is B.  But this depends. Do i survive these encounters? Because if it eats me, people won't think of me as the discoverer, just one of its victims.  Well,  I know more about T-rexes than I do aliens so i think i'd have a better chance with that one.  Well, on the other hand, space is the future. Do you think they'd let me travel to space for free? Visit the alien's home planet as an ambassador for Earth?  Man! These are the hard questions.  Ok i change my answer. A.

Would you rather cut your own hair -OR- have it cut by an expert hairdresser who is blindfolded?

Since i don't really care about the result of either of these (assuming no blood is drawn), i think i'd choose option B, just to see how well they could do.   It would be a fun experiment.

As a woman, would you rather have perpetually messy hair -OR- have to spend 3 hours everyday doing your hair?

Option A, option A!!!  B sounds like torture.  And  i basically live option A anyway and I'm doing just fine.


Joel said...

I can't believe you typed "irregardless." Once I hit that, all critical thinking stopped.

)en said...

I love irregardless. I can't stop.

sam said...

okay, here is one: would you rather have to use someone else's toothbrush or wear someone else's underwear. both without washing first, and both by equally upstanding, clean citizens- like me for example.

sam said...

sam= camilla hales

MelBroek said...

I always love reading these but I rarely comment because I just don't have anything to add, and I usually agree with you.

I just wanted to say that the names Muffin & Arnold Jasper sound like creations of Anna Summertime.

On a related note, I can't wait for baby Julian to start talking cause I have a feeling he will be hilarious as well!

)en said...

Muffin. I bet Anna would love that. :) I'll ask her.

Ok, "Sam"... so is the real question would i rather use YOUR toothbrush or YOUR underwear?

You know my feelings on using other people's toothbrushes, i believe. It should be against the law & punishable by death. So gross. However. Underwear is so personal... as much as it makes me throw up in my mouth, i think i'm going to say toothbrush.

I already have used someone else's and a part of me died that day, though i am still alive, so...

Alanna said...

Yeah, I always enjoy these posts, but your answers this time were eerily similar to mine. Especially the last one-- does anyone out there not have messy hair? Oh, wait-- most people. Just not me. And three hours doing your hair?????? Are you insane???? I consider myself well groomed if I use a hair dryer for two minutes before my hair can dry all by itself! (Maybe that's why my hair is always messy!)

The only thing I sort of disagreed with you is that, the one time I watched about ten minutes of a hockey game, it was definitely NOT boring. If I ever decide to follow a sport closely, hockey might just be the one I'd choose. And that goal is a lot bigger, maybe I'd have less of a chance of getting hit by a puck. But if I did, a puck would certainly hurt a lot more than a basketball... So I'm still with your final answer, just not your reasoning.

I'm turning into you. Freaky.

)en said...

freaky in a "dream come true" kind of way?