Saturday, September 18, 2010

Julian, I've a feeling we're not in Brooklyn anymore

So apparently some tornadoes hit Brooklyn Thursday afternoon?  Yeah, that makes sense.  ???      Fortunately we were all in the apartment and our building & car are safe.  I saw nothing of this storm because I completely threw my back out Thursday morning & was wiped out on the couch like a slug all day.  I saw nothing, but heard much.

It is also fortunate because Sean came home that day to save me and thus was saved from being in the middle of the storm which he totally could have been.  Or at least the immediate aftermath, and fallen trees and glass all over a city don't sound optimal to me.   The sound was sudden, intense, and over before you knew it.  I said, "What the CRAP? What is going on out there?" and maybe something like, "It's the Day After Tomorrow!!! It's happening for reeeeal!!!"   but maybe that was the Advil talking.   

Sean said he went out and it was an eerie light. It looked green outside.  Weeeird.   A friend said she missed the whole thing because she was on the train the whole time.  Went down in the subway-- sunny.  Came out--sunny, but trees everywhere.  
So, that's what happened to us on Thursday.  Exciting times over here.

Here are some videos.

This one's pretty good at about 2:30.


lindsey v said...

Aw shoot, inside-out umbrellas always make me laugh. But really, I'm glad you guys were safe through that craziness. Did any buildings get damaged? New York must be built like a brick or something.

)en said...

I just put up another video where the roofs of some buildings get ripped off. I think there's been lots of damage, especially due to fallen trees.

It's so weird to walk around and see all the trees and damage! Everything, everywhere. Busted cars. Dead dead dead trees. It's a bit heart-breaking. Poor trees. Good thing there are inside-out umbrellas ,i totally agree, are always funny.

Joel said...

I remember when we had a tornado in downtown Salt Lake in 1999. Sadly, it was my day off and I missed it, even though it was only a couple blocks from my work. Bummer.

Pedersen Posse said...

Oh man... I just typed out a novel and a service error occurred. Drat!

Pedersen Posse said...

I will try and sum up my novel...

I'm glad you guys are okay. That rain is totally unreal. My dad was walking to Crossroads Mall in SLC when the '99 tornado hit. The thing he remembered most was the eerie green. That one video totally captured that.

Did the sirens sound? Is there a warning system set up in Brooklyn? We had lots of tornado watches and warnings in Omaha. We thought we'd be leaving that behind when we moved to Wyoming.

While not as obscure as Brooklyn, or as common as Kansas, Wyoming gets tornados too. They are mostly near Nebraska, like by Cheyenne. When we were at Devil's Tower, there was a tornado warning, which means a tornado had been spotted. While driving on I-80 this summer, we saw a small tornado near Green River, WY. The kicker though happened here in Laramie. A week before we closed on our house, a tornado hit Laramie. My neighborhood was the hardest hit. Like you said, it was so weird walking around afterwards... like a mini war zone. Trees toppled over. Roofs being repaired from hail/wind damage. Everyday for months, someone's roof was getting replaced. The siding and brick on the houses had marble sized holes. I guess the wind must have whipped rocks around. It took more than a year to get things cleaned up.