Monday, August 16, 2010

Pinata Pinata!

We've been working on a project for the past few weeks. 
What could this be??

A totally awesome TRICERATOPS PINATA! is what it is.  We missed an integral photo here but Sean constructed the horns and plate out of.. i don't know what.  It looks pretty great though. 

Now for the crepe paper.  I don't know how many bits of crepe paper i've cut in my life. I've never kept track, but if there was a contest, I am sure I would win.  You could say this was tedious, and you could also say i blazed through it in 2 days, and also that I'm awesome. 

And now it's finished! Hold it up!

We decided it was kind of a combo of a dinosaur and a warthog. Warthogasaurus? Hogceratops? Trihogatops? ha ha. good one.    This Trihogatops was for the birthday party for me Julian.  I he looooves pinatas.  Who doesn't?    However, where we decided to have the opening to fill with candy was a little odd.  I felt a little... uncomfortable filling it.

And here it is in action. 

It took a while to get it busted open so at the end, i was allowed to go at it without the blindfold.  I will say this: Taking a stick to a pinata is a fine way to celebrate the first year of having a baby. 

Here I am trying to be all delicate and whatever about hitting a pinata. 

 Then I got into it a bit more. I think you can see pieces flying.  Spraying candy over the crowd was the grand finale.

I will probably put more pics up about the party on the other blog, but I wanted to show you the greatness that is Sean, the Pinata-Maker.  


Stephanie said...

I LOVE it!! Absolutely stellar. Totally impressed...but then not so much because well, the Morellos always do such high quality work.

Joel said...

I'll take one. I need it shipped here before October 17, for Sam's birthday.

Andrew said...

Doesn't that seem like a lot of work to put into something that is literally made for the sole purpose of being destroyed?

Next time though, you should make an effigy. Like Justin Bieber.

Pedersen Posse said...

So cool! Too bad it had to be destroyed.