Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a little bit about me

I want to live in a turret. It doesn't need to be part of a castle. I just want a turret.


Alanna said...

My only problem with turrets is that I want to pronounce it wrong, so suddenly it sounds like you'd be living somewhere that involves a lot of *inappropriate swearing. Yikes!

*As opposed to completely appropriate swearing, that is.

Ashley said...

Could it be just a turret, that's not attached to anything? Maybe you could fashion one out of a round house like the one on your way to the old Smiths in American Fork. All it would need is a cone on top.

Joel said...

I too would like ti live in a turret, but this kind

Natalie R. said...

Hmm, on first seeing that word, I thought it was a place where animals live. Doesn't it sound like a ground hog's tunnel or something?

Kim said...

When I was a kid all I wanted in the world was a tower-bedroom. I read about it in a book and longed for one. When we moved when I was eleven, we looked at one house that HAD A TOWER-BEDROOM AND IT WAS DESTINED BY THE STARS TO BE MINE! I tried to convince my parents for weeks that we needed to get that house. I even pointed out how many electrical outlets the kitchen had, cuz convenience right?

We ended up moving into a boring non-betowered house and I'm not sure I've ever gotten over it.

)en said...

I could live in just a turret. That would be fine.

There is definitely appropriate/inappropriate swearing. I'm reminded of a story my brother told of his basketball coach yelling at the players in a frustrated and flustered fit: "get the hell rebounds!" ha ha ha. inappropriate.

Now, "Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!" Appropriate.

Oh man, i google-imaged "turret house" and almost died of overdose.

Amber Alvarez said...

I think that maybe this is why we are friends. If you take away everything that is me, and reach way down into my soul, you find at my base that all I really want is a turret.

I'm shocked this hasn't ever come up, or maybe it did, at a Mexican resturaunt, and I just chose to forget it. Sometimes things that are too beautiful, need to be stored in a quiet and forgetful place ;)