Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I heart the 80's

It strikes me how the decades reappear after some time.  I am speaking in terms of fashion and styles.  I guess we've either a) hit the peak of awesomeness or b) we can't think of anything else, so we have to recycle.

If you've done any clothing shopping this year, you've learned that the 80's are back in FULL FORCE.  Obviously I am ecstatic about this. (I am not being facetious)  I looove the 80's, and some things never went out of fashion for me.   For example:

Denim. I love denim. I always have. I particularly love denim overalls. I've continued to buy them despite ridicule and jeers from others and GUESS WHAT? They're back, and i couldn't be happier.   It's funny too because last year i was totally ahead of the game. I searched high and low for denim shoes and could find hardly a scrap of anything.  This year? Oh yeah, they're everywhere.   I totally had denim sneaks in elementary school, for the record, and they were so cool. 

Know what else is back? Harem pants, i've come to learn is their name. Aka "MC Hammer Pants" as a friend mockingly said. Well guess what, in your face! Because they're all over, and super cool.

I just bought pants similar to these.   Love 'em.

Also something that's back? Jumpsuits! Rompers!  I loooooved these as a kid! I had the cutest--UMMM,  i'm pretty sure it was denim(!)-- romper and i wore it to smithereens. It had a belt too.  Ohhh it's all coming back.  Closing eyes...*bask, bask, bask*

Ok, so obviously when I saw this at Uniqlo i had to get it: 
I was totally that kid, that wore a favorite outfit to death until it's just gross and "stood up by itself" as my brothers used to tease (bite me!)  Well, i'm still that kid, and proud of her. I told a friend that this romper thing is the kind of thing I would wear every single day. And now, I have to make sure not to, and i'm so careful that i hardly even wear it. Because seriously, it would be worn out before the week's summer's over.

What else is back? Tying your shirt in a knot if it's too flowy. Oh yeah. Totally did it the other day, not even thinking about it. I feel like it was just an instinct, an instinct that's come back with the style. It's just there. Too bad I didn't have any of these, because then the look would have been complete.

I'm also loving those oversized shirts.  And the leggings.  Especially leggings that look like denim, which i'm not sure existed back in the day, and is a genius concoction.

Tie dye? Yes.  Have a tie-dyed shirt.
One thing i can't get behind, and never could, is the stone wash jeans.  No, no no.  Few things in this world are uglier.   Sorry, A.C.  (as in Slater)

 I don't know, though. If anyone could bring back a style trend, it would be AC.   

Tell me what you love about the 80's, and if you don't, a curse be upon you and your family.


Andrew said...

About 50% of the music.

Joel said...

The movies. All the best comedies were done in the 80s.

Pedersen Posse said...

ditto: the music and some movies

MelBroek said...

I would have to say that one of my favorite things found ONLY in the 80's was a physically attractive Michael Jackson. Also I love Back to the Future

)en said...

oh man! Back to the Future II was on the other day and i thought, what... the... WHAT? This is awesome! I do not know if it gets the recognition it deserves. Using scenes from the prequel in the sequel in a time travel movie is just brilliant, man.

Don't even get me started on 80's music & movies. I have strong passionate feelings. Someone was blaring Take On Me the other day and i almost died.

Rob said...

Curse upon our family. I see kids come in the office all day with thin V neck T's and pegged pants and these huge puffy ugly neon high tops. Pegged pants do not look good on nearly anyone. And the 99% of the people who wear them really really really should not.

But I am really happy for you.

Ashley said...

I bought a pair of gray leggings the other day that have ankle zippers ... mostly because they were $4 ... but I thought this would be appropriate to announce here. I love them.

Alanna said...

Do the big baggy t-shirts I still wear to bed sometimes count? Other than that, I don't think I was cool enough in the 80s to have any favorites... Even such awesome movies like Better Off Dead were things I didn't discover until much later. I did love Saved By the Bell, at least!

lindsey v said...

I don't think I could pull off wearing any of the returning 80's clothing. I'm just not cool enough now. I will say that leg warmers look really comfy and warm for a fall or winter day. It would be fun to try them sometime. But really, I don't have any pants that they would go with so I would look really silly wearing them with shorts or something. So I'm pretty sure I should stay away from them too.

Andrea said...

Rompers are for babies. And now that you have one, I feel it inappropriate that you participate in the wearing of them.

Amber Alvarez said...

STIRRUP PANTS!!!! Seriously, could anything be cooler?

Also, things that button and tie at the shoulder and NKOTB, obvs.

Natalie R. said...

I loved the Police in the 80s, they were my favorite band. I think that's about as hip as I was. Oh wait, I had a few hypercolor shirts!! Now those were totally rad. ;0)

Britta said...

Hypercolor shirts were AWESOME! As was most of the music.

For the record, leggings that looked like denim DID exist. I had a pair and I wore them all the time.

Kristi said...

I say Ditto to the stirrup pants!