Thursday, July 29, 2010


Last week we had ourselves a little staycation.  It...was...awesome.  But not because we did anything super New Yorky, because we didn't.  In fact, we went into Manhattan.. one time? To go to Uniqlo, which, I grant you, is a FAB store.  But not very New Yorky.   It's just so nice to have a chance to chillax at home and do things you seem to never have time for and just play.   Here's a list of things we did:

1. BOUGHT A FREAKIN' CAR.    That's right, we own a car. It's a miracle, and a wonder, and kind of scary.  At 6am, Sean flew to Ohio, met with his brother who lives there, drove to the dealership, signed the papers, and drove back to NY-land, arriving just before midnight.   Whew!   At long, long last, we are car-owners.  While I love having a car now, i kind of hate feeling like I have to grow up. I think I have a Peter Pan complex. I don't wanna be an adult!  But anyway, it's exciting.  It's also weird, having a car in a place you've lived for 7 years sans car.  The only times i'd drive one is when we were car-sitting or when I'd go to Utah.  A car has always been part of another world, another life, a life of ease and comfort, which is not the life one leads in New York.  So to have a car here creates a collision of worlds, and I have to make the mental transition from pedestrian to car driver. I also have to learn how to drive--I mean, Brooklyn drive. because the rules are not the same.  Oh no.  Fortunately we've taken many-a car service & cabs to get from A to B, and have paid attention to how one drives to survive, so we're doing pretty well. 

2.  Went to the pool. 3 cheers for the pool.

3.  Drove to the mall!  Twice.   The drive is kind of nightmare'ish due to traffic but I'm sorry, there's a difference between standing on a sweaty, stifling platform in dangerous heat, waiting...waiting...waiting for a subway train that may never come, and you will never know why, and you just have to shut down and wait....until it never does, so you exit the station and try to get a cab or car service or gypsy cab or a guy on a bike.   There's a difference between that and sitting in traffic, in a comfy seat in your AC'ed car.    I am probably telling myself these things so I can stay true to the NYer way, that i haven't sold out.  There's a lot of pride in roughing it. But really, i'm so happy to have a car.

4. Starting making a pinata. For what, you ask? You'll see.

5. Watched Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. As good as it ever was.

6. Started P&P A&E version.    Just as good as Bill & Ted's.

7. Took naps

8. Ate breakfast outside on a bench as we watched the morning commuters walk to the train. Suckers!

9.  Went to the new Brooklyn Bridge Park which reminds me of Willy Wonka's factory. Julian's a bit small for this place but I'm not!

The ground is like squishy spongeland, and there are all these rolling grassy hills. It's kind of a cross between the Factory & the Shire, thus, my new happy place. 

10. Took the water taxi to Governors Island where you go back in time. The contrast from the city is so stark, it's really trippy, actually.  You feel like you are in the woods. It's cool. You can rent bikes and ride around all these old cobbly roads and old forts and houses and buildings and like such as, but it was rainy when we were there so we found some rocking chairs on the porch of an old building and ate our lunch while we watched the monsoon and honestly, it was lovely.  The simple things, i tell ya.  Wasn't expecting to do that when i woke up that morning.

Anyway, this is a mega-boring post, but it was a fun week and yay we have a car.


Alanna said...

Regarding #1, I'm with you on the Peter Pan complex. I keep upping the stakes for what will mean that I'm a grown-up. First I had to graduate from college, then I had to be married, then I had to have a kid, then I had to have a house. Now that those are checked off the list, I've decided that I really can't be a grown-up until I have a house with a garage (sigh with dreamy eyes). And we all know THAT won't be happening any time soon!

Yay for clinging to immaturity!

And congrats on the car. And on the staycation. That's what the rest of our summer will be. It sort of sucks being so poor, but there are some great perks to being married to a teacher. They're called "July" and "August."

Pedersen Posse said...

Congrats. Is it scary driving in NYC? I imagine it would be. On a side note: Why do I now hear the Toys-R-Us song in my head... I don't want to grow up, but if I did... Lame. (meaning the song not your post)

)en said...

Fo' real, Alanna. Why is everyone not a teacher? We're all suckers.

Driving in NYC. It's scary, but also thrilling. It keeps you on your toes.

Also, I lol'ed at: "but if i did.... Lame." Too bad that's not how the song really ends.

Natalie R. said...

I'm really impressed you guys got a car, way to go!! I could never drive in NYC, it scares the heck out of me just being in a car over there. But I can imagine times it would be awfully nice! I hope you're enjoying it, and I'm glad you had a nice, relaxing vacation. Often those are the best!