Tuesday, July 06, 2010


  • I'm beginning to think that the orange started it all, and that the color was named after the fruit. This changes everything.
  • It's a common thing: What to do when you have more to say after you've already added a post script. Many people say p.p.s. or p.s.s. which makes even less sense, but that's fine. I've been thinking it over for some time now and I think the right way to do it, for me at least, is like this:



p.s. have a good day

p.s. p.s. no, have a great day.

A post script to the post script. But wait, what if I remark on something in the second post script that has nothing to do with the first one? Dang, I'm back to square one. Thoughts?

  • At the park recently, I was watching a group of 9 year old boys playing some kind of game and I heard one of them singing, "video killed the radio star...." and i thought, maybe there's hope for the future after all. (<-- this one makes me sound like a creeper. "At the park recently... through my binoculars, i was watching...")

spent the holiday weekend doing the following things:
  • sitting in the park
  • surviving 95 degree temps by playing in the fountain and going to the pool. ALso, abusing my authority over the mini-spray bottle. The baby didn't mind. He loved it. "More in the face! Again!" he was telling me, I know it.
  • eating my weight in Italian ices. "Hey... yeah, me again. Yep, just 5 minutes ago, yep. So, I would like..."
  • not seeing one firework
  • watching Young Victoria (lovely), Alice in WonderZzzzz... (so boring) To Kill a Mockingbird (has been bumped up to my all time favorite, and Atticus Finch as the hottest movie dad) and Coco Before Chanel
  • eating pancakes several times with fancy syrup and mountains of whipped cream & strawberries. You know how sometimes you just can't get enough of a thing and you eat it repeatedly. I think i'm satisfied... for now. I have a pretty killer recipe if anyone wants it.

Happy Tuesday!


Alanna said...

I usually just do the ppps or whatever. Post-post script. It makes sense, right? Even if it's not original?

Favorite quote overheard at a park. Craig and I (engaged at the time) were laying out on a small patch of sand found at the park near my home when two 8/9-year-old boys come upon us. Boy 1 turns to Boy 2 and says, "You know how to keep a girl from dating you? If you catch her looking at you, just say, 'Dream on, freak, dream on!'"

We still look for reasons to say that to each other.

Rob said...

I like O.C.I.E.T.L.P.A.H.M.T.S.
"oh crap, I ended this letter prematurely and have more to say."

lindsey v said...

I also do the p.p.s. but in my head I say it while accentuating the first 'post': POST post script. But I do like your idea a lot.

Amber Alvarez said...

I love when you love what I love.

Gregory Peck - ALL time MOST crushed on movie star. Yeah, I'm a nerd.

Dibs on next time Sean works late and you need a pick me up. We'll watch Roman Holiday... and swoon.

Psssss... Yay for the park

Ashley said...

I love this picture. So very cute... of both of them. If they were both here, I would squeeze both of their cheeks, probably. Just the top ones. Don't worry, Sean.