Thursday, June 03, 2010

Let's play a game


In this weird apartment here we have a small bathroom, or a WC is more appropriate. "Hobbit bathroom" would probably be the most appropriate. Whilst sitting on the toilet, if you shut the door, it hits your knees, (unless you are a hobbit). Thus, i often just leave the door wide open. There i said it. I'm not ashamed! You'd do it too (unless you're a hobbit). Anyway, directly in front of the bathroom doorway is a big bookshelf and on the bottom is two shelves packed with games.

I have noticed that most, if not all games have a sort of catch phrase to go with the title of the game.

For example: Apples to Apples' catch phrase is "The game of hilarious comparisons!"

Here's the game. I'm going to give you the catch phrase to all the games that i have and you have to guess what game it is. Don't cheat and look it up online or I will leave hate comments on your blog. Doesn't this game sound like FUN?!?! Hey, it's Thursday. Anything to get us through one more day. And yes, the bathroom story of how i came to think of this game was completely unnecessary. Haha, joke's on you!

Maybe we could have people give one answer at a time, so as to give others a chance, and to make it so i get a lot of comments. It's a win win win! (so be like "#2 is _____" if you know it)

Let's get started.

The Game of Quick Draw!
2. The Game of Unspeakable Fun
3. The classic shake, score, and shout dice game! (<--thanks, way to give it away)
4. The DVD Game (ha ha)
5. Fast passing, fast talking game!
6. The game for your whole brain
7. The fast moving rummy tile game! (lame)
8. Having fun one piece at a time
9. Property Trading Game from Parker Brothers
10. Edge of your seat fun!
11. The game of mind-boggling questions

Ok, good luck.


MelBroek said...

okay, I believe #1 is pictionary.

Am I right?

If not, i *do* know some of the others so let me play again!

Alanna said...

I'm gonna throw out a few guesses, but I hardly ever play games (weird, I know), so I'm bad at this.

2-- Taboo?
3-- Yahtzee
4-- Shoot, I just forgot what it's called. That movie trivia game. I'm pretty sure my Mom has one version of it...
5-- or is THIS one Taboo?
6-- Cranium
7-- Rummikub (love this game)
8-- no clue.
9-- This had better be Monopoly
10-- again, no clue
11-- Boggle? No, I don't really think that. One of those "would you rather" games?

Yeah, I suck at this. Sorry.

But speaking of games, did I ever tell you about how my mom gets totally competitive? We were playing Boggle once, and I read my list of words first, and her comment was, "Oh, was that all you got?" BURN! Yeah, that's my mom for you.

And one more: my older sister (not Natalie-- she's my younger sister) as a kid used to feel bad if she beat my parents at games, so she would try to lose. So she and my parents would be sitting around playing Memory, all trying to lose to each other. They said that, other than the fear that there was something seriously wrong with their child, it made for an incredibly boring game that way.

I've rambled on enough. Peace out.

Natalie R. said...

Alanna knew the same ones I knew (though I think she knew a couple I didn't). It's a good thing she specified that it wasn't me who would lose on purpose. I would never be that nice... ;0)

Speaking of games, Jen, we never did get to play chess together! Someday we'll have to get together and play a round.

Andrew said...

7 is Rummikub. Don't call Rummikub lame, I love that game.

)en said...

whoa whoa whoa, rummikub is not lame. the catch phrase is.

"the fast moving rummy tile game that you play with tiles and numbers and it's called rummikub! and it's fast and fun! rummikub! rummikub!"

lindsey v said...

#4- Scene It!

I saw it at the store last night. Is that cheating?

)en said...

totally not! unless you went to the store with the sole purpose to find the answer, in which case, that's just sad.


Pedersen Posse said...

I agree with some already posted.
2-taboo or guesstures
3- probably yahtzee, but could also be Bunco
4-Scene it
5-Catch phrase
8- jenga? Blokus?
10- ?? Ty says Clue
11-Who wants to be a millionare or Trivial Pursuit

ps- I know you said to only post one answer, but it's been a few days...

)en said...

yeah, people seem to have been excited to display their vast knowledge of games. ;)

good work. here are the answers:

1. pictionary
2. taboo
3. yahtzee
4. scene it
5. catch phrase
6. cranium
7. rummikub
8. a puzzle--ha ha ha.
9. monopoly
10. jenga
11. would you rather


my favorites: catch phrase, pictionary, rummikub.

yeah, if chess had a catch phrase it would be, "best game in existence."