Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday Night Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning

I like to bake but i'm not super great at it. Same with cooking. Actually, I don't much love to cook. But do you know what I do love? I love the presentation of food. I like to try to make fancy things and make them look fancy. If there's one thing eating out in NY has taught me, it's that. And that i love eating out, so so much. But really, I don't have an inherent ability for things such as this. I think i have fun ideas but my ability to execute them is lacking. This is probably because I don't understand physics and when I explain to Sean what i want him to do he says, "Mm.. yeah, that's physically impossible." Or is it? because he often pulls it off in the end anyway. I once said I have the strategy, just not the skill. I can't even remember what I was talking about but it definitely pertains here. Maybe i'm an idea girl. (it is sooo cool to quote yourself)

I don't sew. I wouldn't say I can't, but I almost would. And i don't really have a strong desire. It's kind of sad because i'd love to have personalized things, but I'm much much too lazy. When I was in high school I took a "sports sewing" class. We made polar fleece hats and a gym bag. I think i recall stitching my name all over it. We had to make a shirt too and I chose the worst fabric ever and i had to have my friend Jake sew on my buttons. My sense of taste has definitely evolved/been born over the years, for which i am glad.

I mostly online shop. I've gotten so good at knowing how a thing will fit on my body due to not wanting to try things on. I can look at something and say "nope." I also try to break out of my own molds though, because we can all get stuck, and i don't want that to happen. Like the day i realized I don't have to use a roundbrush to dry my hair under at the ends (which was popular in 1994). I almost had to fight myself to stop it. Habits die hard, you know? I've found some awesome things when i've broken free. So sometimes i'll look at something I wouldn't normally get and be like, "yes. Let's do it." Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. It's a risk, man. And I'm a risk-taker.

I like tiny cookies. The tinier the better. well no, that's not true. But I just prefer them. Why? I can't say, but a normal-sized cookie is pretty giant to me. Ha! This just in, and i'm not kidding: At this very moment, a Sean Quote:
"small cookies remind me of Julian."
I honestly believe that if it's a hot and humid day, it's better to leave the windows shut, to keep the humidity out. Because it will come in through the window. It does!

Today I broke a rule and got away with it the whole time. Just act like you know what you're doing, and you can fool a lot of people. I went to an art convention thing where people try to get buyers for their designs, furniture, stationery supplies, etc. Strollers weren't allowed, apparently. What the what? Like heck I'm carrying my 20 lb rump roast of a baby around a convention. So we were like, "oh ok.. yeah, we'll go check it." FALSE. We just breezed past security like 15 more times and no one said anything. Sean said he got a look from a woman carrying a baby that said, "what the WHAT?" That's right, lady.

Of course, i'm the opposite when i go get a piece of candy from a bowl that they've set up with business cards and whatnot, clearly there for the taking. Since i'm not a buyer but just a gawker, I feel like i have to create a diversion. "What's that over there?!?" *yoink!* I paused at a station to get a Riesen candy and then out of obligation, "Aw, these are so cute! I like that one over there!" as i ran away with my gold solitary Riesen candy. I didn't even get two. I gave it to Sean. "Look what I got! And it's YOURS!" I'm a giver. And then when I stopped at the jill mcdonald station, they had a bowl of buttons! that you pin to your shirt like a cool person. Of course i had to get one. It was the first non-candy freebie i'd seen. But I was extra daring this time and not only took TWO, but took my time sifting through the bowl to find two i wanted. It got kind of uncomfortable there for a minute, with the guy sitting directly behind the counter, basically watching me and also keeping an eye on Sean who was making repeated attempts to snap a picture of some of the designs with his phone. Like I said, risk-taker.

This also just in: Sean just brought me a plate of tiny cookies and i looked at them and their adorableness and chuckled and he said, "what? are they too small?" "No, never!" I said. He said, "I started making them and asked myself, 'what would Jen do?' Then i cut the size in half. [to self:] 'No... not just small. crazy small. really.. little.. cookies.'"

And a good day to you.


Ashley said...

I like 1) that Sean knows you so well
and 2) "20 lb rump roast of a baby." And a good day to YOU.

)en said...

Thanks Ash.

Natalie R. said...

You definitely seem like the type who can get away with things when you want/need to, which is a really good trait to have. I never can because I have one of those faces that shows too much expression, and I give it away that I'm nervous right away. Good for you for being a risk-taker!