Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Consider the Lilies on My Table

How they have BLOSSOMED! these things are out of control. They are huge, white, beautiful, and quite pungent, i must say. Who knew lilies to be so odiferous? Their scent wafts through the whole place. I got them on Sunday and they are blooming their little hearts out.

Also: consider the small orchid plant next to the lilies. Not to be outshined, they are so cute & strange. I love them. I got them for my birthday. To me they are saying, "I'm small, I know, but wherever I go, people say 'Oooo, an orchid!'" 3 cheers for having flowers atop your desk.

lastly, consider the bluebells of this field:

I don't have much to say about it. Just consider them.

Speaking of small, cute, and smelly things, here's what happens when your baby insists upon dancing in his high chair whilst his mom tries feeding him:

Also, new nickname: Scraggles. What do i do with this hair?? i need some baby hair gel stat.

Wait a second, outshined? Outshown? What the. Outshown sounds lame, but outshined looks very wrong. Someone help!

And on that note, i need another favor: How might one pronounce this: Hyundai. Yes that's a car make. I grew up saying it one way and the way Sean says it sounds like complete nonsense. Of course, I grew up in an area where the risk for accent is moderate, but then so did Sean. We've got to agree on a way to say it and I'm pretty sure the way i say it is the way most people say it. And i feel embarrassed & ashamed of myself if i say it the way Sean does. (no offense, sean) How do you say it? help.

And thus ends this hodgepodge.


Joel said...

Okay, now this one I can help with. The proper Korean way to say it is hyun-day (which, if you didn't know, means "modern day"). But in their own ads they tend to say "hun-day," probably to make it seem less foreign or whatever.

lindsey v said...

I say "hun-day" as well. But staring at the word makes me think that I really have no idea how to pronounce it.

I love lilies and orchids too. I've GOT to get me an orchid plant.

Andrew said...

1. "Outshone" is correct (but not "outshown").

2. Hun-day.

)en said...

What the crap?? Talk about embarrassment and shame.

Natalie R. said...

I avoid saying the word Hyundai, because I think it should be Hun-dye, but unfortunately just because I want it pronounced one way doesn't make it correct. So therefore I just avoid saying it at all.

Pretty flowers, they definitely brighten up any room! And Julian is sure a cute, happy little guy! :0)

Pedersen Posse said...

I say hun-day too. Don't know which is correct. Perhaps on their website there will be a FAQ page or a pronouncement guide somewhere... just a thought.

)en said...

Alright, thanks for your help everyone. I, too, say Hun-day. I can't even pronounce the way Sean was saying it. I WIN!