Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool

Man, this is a holiday that has so much potential, and yet every year when it comes, i got nothin'. It's sad. I really would be a prankster at heart if I could just remember.

Here are a few of the pranks I can remember, as well as favorites of others.

The only thing i can really remember doing on April Fool's Day is putting saran wrap on the toilet. But even then the details are sketchy. Did I really do that? I don't even know for sure. But I know that I, or someone in my family, put a rubber band around the spray nozzle on the sink so whoever turned on the sink got sprayed in the face. That's a good one.

I really used to love to scare people. It's so easy. Just hide around the corner when you know they're coming and jump out and yell. Growling & using your limbs in a fearsome manner also helps achieve maximum results. My sister was my favorite victim back in the day. I swear, i don't know how many times I used to hide around the corner on the steps, prime position for someone exiting the bathroom. How many times did i do this? How many times did it work? Seriously, so many times. The best is when you can ignite someone's whole body reflexes. So when you scare them, they not only scream or yell in a funny way, they jerk wildly, arms and legs flailing. Oh man, that's so good.

Sean really hates getting scared like that. Problem is, I love it. But it comes at a price. His reflexes are way too wild and out of control. Read more here.

I need to think more about this but I want to post before more time passes today. I should probably save this for Mother's Day but it's just so good, and one of my fondest memories of all time.

My mom is great. She's the funniest lady. I really love her, like a lot. And not just because she's my mom and you're supposed to love your mom. She just makes me laugh and when I go home to visit she is a major highlight for me. Well, a couple of years ago occurred the best prank ever.

It was Christmastime, and snow was on the ground. My sister Ashley and i were in the living room chatting, when all of a sudden, we hear my mom's alarmed voice yell to Ashley: "ASH! OW! HELP!" It's super urgent and we are scared my mom's fallen in the snow and gotten hurt or something. Ashley hurriedly runs to the door and when she opens it, FWAP! Ashley is hit with a snowball. AH HA HA HA HA! Ohhh man. I think i've told this story a hundred million times and am surprised i haven't (I don't think) yet told it here. Ohhh it just makes me smile a lot when i think about it. My mom feigned injury to lure my sister outside to get a snowball in the face. :D :D :D. It's one of those moments when you could have died right then and there and be happy, having lived a wonderful satsifying life.

So, anyway. Since my list of pranks is pretty pathetic, i was wondering if any of you have any good ones to share. I'd like to praise you and also maybe steal your ideas before the day is out. Happy April 1st!


Ashley said...

Ah, the snowball story. That's the one I'm telling at her funeral.


Joel said...

In thinking about April Fools jokes, I just realized that I should have written a blog post yesterday saying we had had the baby. That would have been great.

(sigh) Missed opportunities...

Alanna said...

I was all set to get my sister Natalie this year. We were meeting up at Gettysburg, and since Natalie is always about an hour early to everything, I was going to call her and say my car had broken down or something and could she come and get me? But then somehow I ended up beating her there! So I didn't bother. But it might have been, well, amusing, I guess...

Andrew said...

I brought Pie to my math class for everyone to eat. Get it? Pi? Ha. Man, my own wit astounds me.