Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sheep's Metal

... is what i said once, referring to steel wool, when i couldn't recall the term.

THis is an example of a story from my historical life that I might tell to Sean and he says, "Oh, was this when you were 12 or something?" and i respond by mumbling, "mmm? err...yeah.. when i was 12... plus ten."


Ashley said...

This STILL makes me laugh right out loud. I love your brain.

Also, while "sheep's metal" totally takes the cake, I think I remember you saying "lamb steel" as another guess before you came up with the real thing. That's a good one too.

Amber Alvarez said...


Amber Alvarez said...

While this isn't at all as endearing as sheep's metal, once, when i was 7...... plus 20 - agh, OK -- last night, I referred to Daupler Radar as Daupler Radio - 2x.