Sunday, December 20, 2009

The gift that keeps on rockin'

Looking for the perfect gift and are freaking out because Christmas is almost here? Calm down, your problems are solved. ANNOUNCING:

The Lower West, now available on iTunes!
HERE to preview!

I may have mentioned that I was part of a 3-person band called The Lower West. What seems like many moons ago, we recorded an album, and it is finally dropping, or whatever they say. I am dropping it. It has fallen to the floor. ? Anyway, Only the Dead Know Brooklyn is now available for $9.90! Buy now!

here & here to hear some tunes on the album (but now mixed and edited and whatever to make them sound even BETTER.)

I can't believe the album is finally ready. Wow. Sniff. Anyway, a very very very happy Christmas to you from all of us here at jen's log (me and Jeb, my mountain man alter ego.) Has it really almost been 5 years? (since starting this blog) Man! Suddenly i find myself feeling all sentimental. I... i think i have something in my eye.

holiday hugs.


linsey said...

PERFECT! i am so excited and i am buying it right now for Brian for christmas. YAY LOWER WEST!

your #1 groupie

Amber Alvarez said...

Linsey is such a liar. I am your #1 groupie. Sheesh.