Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas Crack Cookies

Once upon a time I went to Dylan's Candy Bar and partook of something delicious that filled me with joy and wonder. What is this? I thought. And I realized, why, it must be chocolate-covered Golden Grahams! Its simplicity surprised me, but the fantastic flavor humbled me. "I shall make these for this year's Christmas cookie exchange" I vowed.

Months later, here we are into December. I made these "cookies" and they were even better than Dylan's. I even painstakingly made them into little "wreaths" but only one pan's worth because a) it took me forever long and b) I kind of sucked at it anyway. (sean was not there, clearly. So sad. He should be there for events such as this. The wreaths were his idea, afterall. Sean quote: "i like wreaths." )

Sadly I was not able to attend the actual exchange in the end, and am considering hosting my own except I remember I hate hosting things. But I DID make approximately 5,000 of these and sent some to work with Sean to share with his coworkers. They loved them and one said "these are like crack!" It's true. I don't know why but they are addictive. What a lethal combo.
So I'm passing it onto you. These are so dumb-easy, and SO GOOD. So make them this season and impress everyone who gets to have one, which is sometimes the sole reason for making things, let's be honest. (me: "tell me more about how much they loved them, Sean...what exactly did they say.")

I still need to come up with a name. I'm having a hard time. I keep calling them cookies but they are totally not cookies. oh well. For now let's call them..

Chocolate Cluster Fantasmos


1 bag o' Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips
1 box o' Golden Grahams

some cocoa powder for dusting


1. In a double boiler, melt the chocolate chips.
(boil some water in a pot. Put small bowl with chips in it on the pot.
This will greatly decrease your chances of burning the chocolate.)

2. Pour the melted chocolate in a large bowl with all of the cereal.
Slowly mix until the cereal is completely covered.

3. Using a spoon or your chocolate-covered fingers, place small heaps of the chocolate cereal onto parchment paper on a cookie sheet. I say go on the small side.
Large clusters are more difficult to eat, though no less delicious.

4. Dust some cocoa powder over the clusters. Make sure you tap the small sieve thing harder than you meant, to dump a load of cocoa on some. Do this repeatedly. Claim to do it on purpose. (I guess it will be, if you follow my instructions.)

5. Place sheet in fridge for a few minutes until the clusters harden.

Here are my wreaths. Look at the perfect one in the middle.
The others, like the one directly above it: FAIL.

And voila! I'm serious- so good. Make them. NOW. and report back.


Joel said...

In this picture they look vaguely like leaves from sone kind of donut tree that have fallen on the sidewalk in a curiously regular pattern.

Ashley said...

I want to go to there. Right now. Want to send me some? Because I apparently can't make things that are "so dumb-easy." Or I'm a lazy bum.

Alanna said...

Okay, so I wish I would have seen this post BEFORE I bought a huge-o bag of M&Ms for the R.S. chocolate exchange tomorrow. Now I'm stuck trying to decide if I should go to the store again, or just give away the M&Ms (which are admittedly kind of lame, but I was mostly going for volume here)... Of course, if this recipe is as good as you say it is, then I won't want to share anyway, right?

)en said...

Well, they ARE delicious. This recipe also makes approximately 5 billion clusters, sooo... :)

donut tree...arglglgl....

lindsey v said...

Oh holy yum. I want to make some.

)en said...

Oh Holy Yum--the other popular Christmas carol...

(i'm sorry.)

lindsey v said...

That song (the real one) did pop into my head when I was writing that. It really would make a great song though, wouldn't it?