Friday, August 07, 2009


Sean and I aren't too keen to get many toys for el bebe. They all annoy me and i feel like non-toys are more fun anyway. Still, it's fun to have a nice soft stuffed something to comfort you when you need it. I had a favorite teddy bear who i slept on (on--as a pillow) and i accidentally singed his arm with my lamp. Sorry Beary, I still feel bad. (<-- i am creative with the stuffed animal names. I thought it was funny though, because it sounds like Barry, a real name. Play on words/names, see. hilarious!) So Sean and I got on our respective laptops (nerd alert) and sent links back and forth to each other. Man, that is so nerdy. Anyway, his top pick is something I was totally eyeing which is yet another reaffirmation that i married the right person. Here is what it is:

Woolly mammoth?? so cute. I love them. Why, i cannot say.

But here is MY pick, and Sean is slightly less keen. (<-- did i just use "keen"
again in this post? interesting.) I adore this and want it for myself:

A stuffed MAGGOT. HAHAHA! OHhh he's so cute. Who wouldn't want a cute little roly poly maggot to cuddle up with at night. You could call it Maggie. Maggie the maggot. Because, again, I'm creative with the names.

What's your vote?

Honorable mention:

the dust mite. Because they need love too, though this one kind looks like a skull with legs which is where i draw the line. Skulls are gross.


Alanna said...

I think I have to vote for the woolly mammoth.

My favorite stuffed animal ever is a peacock given to me at a baby shower (hmmm, I guess that would mean it was given to my son). I sort of, um, kept it because, honestly, how many stuffed peacocks have you ever seen? So cool! But I do let the kids play with it. Occasionally.

Joel said...

That maggot is going to give me nightmares. Much as I enjoy being creative and different, I cannot condone it. My personal favorite is a stuffed pineapple I had, which I saved and passed on to Sam.

So you can be unconventional without invoking a gag reflex, is what I'm saying.

Amber Alvarez said...

I cannot in anyway condone your general dislike of stuffed animals but I can support the need for them to be unique. My favorite stuffed animal I own these days is Wake the Water Buffalo.
Two I covet could do well to be christened by you:
Maggie is funny but she has a face only a mother (or a soon to be mother?) could love.

Scott said...
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Scott said...

I vote for Maggie (the twist in my stomach at seeing it was very real . . . and very fun!), though, I suppose that the biggest trouble of having a stuffed maggot is that they'll infest all your stuffed meat and the stuffed animal corpses laying around, then, before you know it, you'll have a bunch of really big stuffed flies flying around. Freaky.

Lindsey said...

You'll have to check out my blog today. I totally agree that toys are a waste of money... and space. I vote for the woolly mammonth. So cute. Wanted to let you know that the aardvark you got for Collin is his fave fluffy thing: he loves to chew on the little feet and pointy nose. Another reason to pick the mammonth: The nose/trunk will be a great chewing spot! :-) Thinking of you.

)en said...

ha ha. scott, ew. why.

c'mon.. maggie's adorable. I do like that narwhal. peacock and pineapple-- fun times. but a MAGGOT? this child would grow up and in this very conversation, when others are saying "i had a beautiful peacock," "i had a regular teddy bear," etc, he/she'd listen quietly and then say, "yeah... i had a stuffed maggot" and the others would say "WHAT? your parents are FREAKS!" and he/she'd say "yeah..." and pretend to be embarrassed, but deep down, would be truly proud.


Natalie R. said...

I think the mammoth is super cute, but the dust mite is really freaky. What can I say, it reminds me too much of another 8 legged creature...Ugh! But the maggot is fun - it reminds me of a stuffed animal slug my sisters and I bought for my dad one year!