Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Given recent events, having disclosed my secret, it is incumbent upon me to say a few things regarding the future of Jen's Log. Some of you may be concerned. Rest easy, I have made a few pledges. Some of you may be offended. Don't be offended. It is known that I am a bit of a blog snob. You know i jest. Here are the pledges.

1. I pledge I will not put up a creepy bouncing baby pregnancy ticker. No offense to anyone, because everyone I know who's pregnant puts this on their blog, but it just isn't my style. I can see the benefit of having the countdown, so people know when you're due, but the creepy bouncing cartoon fetus just creeps me out. Sorry. (plus, it's fun to be surprised, right? :) )

2. I pledge to not talk about baby/pregnancy things unless it is TRULY interesting or entertaining. If there's an actual story to tell in there. But even then... I will be quite cautious. When i created my blog, mom blogs or family blogs did not exist. I was inspired by another blog, written by a guy who was funny and clever and who wrote hilarious little mini-essays that were tales taken from his own experiences. I tried to emulate that. I have always loved to write and this blog does not in any way serve as a journal for me. Again, while i see the reason for having family blogs, which is nice and good, I've tried to maintain the integrity of Jen's Log and not delve too much in personal or family events which I think would bore anyone who doesn't know me, or maybe those who do, and even myself. However, I do live far away from all family members who may or may not be interested in such things, so I have created a family blog that you are welcome to visit (though i have no idea what to put on there--pictures? what?) It is this:


I admit I am not perfect, and am the first to recognize a stale blog post of my own. But this is my hope, a goal I have for myself.
(I'm still not even sure whether I want to start up a family blog. I guess it all depends on this kid's cuteness. So we'll try it out. -the blog... and the kid. Ha.)

3. Similarly, I pledge to have things to talk about other than baby stuff. I know it can be possible. It has to be, right? RIGHT?? I'm a bit desperate to prove this true, so let's see how we do. I need to remind myself that different blogs serve a different purpose, and that is ok, even if that purpose is to strangle the will to live right out of me. So if you want to write your blog in the voice of your baby or pet or write to announce that Sally has grown an inch, you just go right ahead, and do it proudly. But I will not.

4. I pledge to not leave comments on people's blogs talking about my own children. In other words, I pledge to recognize that other people's lives do not revolve around my pregnancy/baby. For example: "Oh, that reminds me of what little Jimmy said to me the other day..." NO. Stop right there. No one cares. Write about it on your own blog, if you must. Having just typed this, I am reminded of a comment i left recently where I related a similar event regarding my spouse. While I think this is somehow not as annoying as when it's about children, it's probably still annoying. So i'll have to refrain from that in the future...

5. I pledge to not give [or receive] unsolicited child or pregnancy advice or make passive statements that imply that I am a member of some kind of club. For example: "just wait until they ______."
It drives me a little bit insane to see this. It's annoying, always. And just because people have experienced things, it does not make them an expert. I include myself regarding this. One time a friend of mine announced on their blog they were turning 25 and i said, "ahh.. such a great age." Now: What tone am I exhibiting? That I am much wiser than they, and I am reminiscing about the hubris of that age that i was, myself, only a couple of years ago? It is condescending, and I disliked myself for saying it. Thus, i try not to do that in any arena. However, that said, there are some things I am an expert on, i.e. coolness, the wisdom of which I am quite happy to bestow.

6. I pledge to still be funny and interesting. It is a known fact that when people are single, they write about life and funny things. (not true in all cases, of course) Then when they get married, their blog gets significantly more boring because they spend a lot of it writing about married life, am I right? And then when they have kids... ahh, i fear it is downhill from there. But I am determined to still be me. I will be Jen, not "Susie's mom." You will still hear my voice when i write, which, frankly, is the only way i know. I will still have thoughts and memories and observations and quips that need to be recorded in my log. MY log, Jen's log. i created this blog for but one purpose: To share my wit and wisdom with the world, benefiting mankind, and continuing my altruistic pursuits as philanthropist. I do it for you. And these are my pledges.


Joel said...

So what are your demand—er, requests from your readers? I mean, I've probably left comments doing exactly what you just decried, and now I feel a little sheepish. Nevertheless, as one who shares your feelings regarding blogs, thanks for your pledge.

)en said...

No demands, other than I demand you to read my blog and comment as you wish. And don't feel sheepish.. well, maybe a little sheepish. heh.

Michelle said...

Haha! I love it. It reminds me of all the vows you made about when you would be engaged. :)

Pedersen Posse said...

Good for you, although I agree with Joel. A pinge of guilt and reflection hit me while reading your post. "Do I do that?" Oh boy. She must really dislike my blog. ;)

Alanna said...

Yup, definitely feeling the guilt. And kind of hoping you've never EVER seen the comments I leave on other people's blogs because I think I'm guilty of way too much of what you're trying not to do (and I hate that I've done that, which is why I feel guilty, so don't apologize-- I actually agree with you).

But I also have a burning question: YOU'RE NAMING YOUR BABY SUSIE???

So does that mean you're having a boy or a girl?


)en said...

Ha ha. Wait and see... wait and see.

Yeahhh... i didn't mean to come off as such a jerk with this post. I do apologize. I am a blog nazi but we should be able to say what we want on our blogs (even though i wish sometimes in my heart of hearts, i could be blog police...)

Don't worry: I don't refer to any of you with this post. All of your blogs are GREAT! :) [keep the readership, jen... keep the readership...] I mean it.

Lindsey said...

Best of luck. I am now no one but Collin's mom. I hope still being yourself works for you.

Rob said...

This reminds me of something Halle said the other day about the purity of blogging.

Just wait until your kids pull that on you.

4 is such a great age.

Scoresbys said...

Guilty as charged. All counts. Shucks.

)en said...

laugh out loud @ Rob. Very nice.