Friday, June 05, 2009

Rainy Would You Rather

it's raining where I live.

These would-you-rathers were hand picked especially for you.

Would you rather do a mini cheer whenever someone compliments you -OR- Always have to wear a "kick-me" sign on your back?
The image of doing a mini cheer whenever i'm complimented is so funny to me, I kind of want to try it just to see how it goes. I think I will. I'll let you know. As for the kick me sign, lame. They need a new phrase.

Would you rather get a ticket for going one mile per hour over the speed limit -OR- for driving too slow?
I would rather get one for going too slow. It would probably be maddeningly funny despite kind of wanting to punch myself in the face. If i got a ticket for going one over the speed limit, I would just be angry and want to punch the policeman in the face (and i might actually) and that doesn't seem like a good idea.

This question also makes me happy:

Would you rather turn around 3 times before you sit down anywhere (like a dog) -OR- do a little jig before you go through any doorway?
Hahahaaa! jig... but wait--if it's like a dog, am i on all fours? Or do i just turn 3 times. That doesn't seem like that big of deal. I'll probably choose that one. Except i kind of/really want to do a little jig when i go through doorways. Maybe i'll spend a day doing these things just to see what it's like. I imagine doing a jig would do more to boost the spirits than turning around 3 times before sitting. And i like my spirits to be boosted.

Would you rather be able to communicate fluently with all animals -OR- automatically understand all foreign languages?
Oh man. While I have often dreamed of being a female beastmaster (and at times really thought i could communicate with animals), are you kidding?? Understand all languages!!! hands down. (<-- wait a minute, hands down? what? does this question require a vote? Who else is voting except me?)

ahhh happy weekend. feel free to share your thoughts.

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Joel said...

For once, all my answers correspond with yours.