Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Eye like me sum homonyms

Today eye wood like two tock too ewe using homonyms. Aisle bet it will bee a helpful lessen and knot at awl irritating. Eye wonder how many homonyms their will actually bee. Eye guess wee shall sea. Eye also guess it will show how adept eye am with homonyms.

Here are sum useful tips that wood halve come inn handy four me recently:

#1. When exiting yore home, don't forget two bring yore cays (<-- knot pronounced how it appears), else ewe will bee locked out. Trust me on this, it isn't fun.

#2. When tossing yore netflix movies inn the city mailbox, dew knot throe yore grocery list inn with them. Ewe will knead that list when you go bye food. (also: ewe can't get the list back.)

#3. Speaking of male, if bi chance ewe miss the male lady and yew knead too get something inn the male ASAP and ewe here the male lady come two yore box and leave and ewe halve two run after her down the rode, make yore presents known a bit before ewe get two her sew that when eye dew get too her, ewe don't say "Hay, sorry!" rite over her shoulder and freak her out.

#4. When righting a lame blog poste about homonyms, take care with "I" and "you" witch halve interestingly similar homonyms, "eye" and "ewe." If ewe don't take care, ewe will halve two go threw the poste and fix awl yore mistakes.

#5. Even tho ewe mite like his products, dew naught by Newman's Own 94% fat free popcorn. It literally smells like throe up. This is knot a joke. It is fowl. Unless yew like the sent of throe up. Then bye awl means, bi sum today. Yew will love it.

They're are just a phew tips fore ewe today. Righting with these homonyms is affecting my brain. It keeps wanting two replace words with homonyms inn everything eye right and eye can't stop! Aaahh. Just bee glad eye only rote inn homonyms and didn't rite this thing phonetically.

Halve a grate day.


Ashley said...

My head hurts, but wow. What talent.

And I'm not so sure about "poste." I'm pretty sure you were just going Old English on that one...

Joel said...

So how long did that take to write?

Michelle said...

I can't do it! I got through the first paragraph and threw up...or should I say, ruthed.

)en said...

ruthed! ha ha ha.

add an e on the end to anything and make it "olde englishe." see? totally different word. just kidding, i knew i was stretching it.

it took a bit of time... but i enjoyed it every step of the way.

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled that you wrote that :P