Tuesday, June 16, 2009

you must love me

baby elephants are absolutely the cutest thing in the history of planets and time. you have to agree. watch this:

why are they so cute? here are some ideas

1- they're so much smaller than their parents. And mini-things are always cute, it's a law of physics. (inversely, oversized things are always

2- the small one's fuzzy fro hair. man alive.

3- it looks like he's wearing saggy pants.

4- elephant bums.

5- the far-apart eyes. so cute.

6- their little trunks. and mouths, when they raise their trunks.

So, maybe you don't like baby elephants. Maybe you think they're a waste of time. Maybe you're dead inside. Hopefully I've changed your mind with this inspiring blog post of mine.


Alanna said...

And let's not forget to mention that African elephants are even cuter. Which makes me think of Dumbo, which I love. Which makes me think of the song "Baby Mine" which is probably my favorite lullaby EVer...

(BTW, my baby loved watching this video-- thanks for sharing!)

)en said...

anything for the kids.