Friday, May 01, 2009

Would You Rather #5?

These are kind of dumb today but I was entertained.

Would you rather have the power to read minds -OR- have the power to make anyone fall in love with you?

This is easy. I choose the power to read minds. I already behold the power of the latter option.

Would you rather go on 15 horrible job interviews and get no offers or call backs -OR- talk back to your college professor one time too many and make her cry?
BOTH OF THESE!!! oh my lands. I died when i read this card. Ok, maybe it wasn't quite 15 interviews and my teacher may have been sliiightly off her rocker. But oh yeah, 2 of the things i am most proud of in my life. I'd totally tell you about the teacher one if i thought no one could figure out who it is. It is a GREAT story. It was one of those times when you're sitting there thinking, is this for real? Is this actually happening? Am i in an alternate universe? ohhh good memories of making people cry...

Would you rather become invisible at random and uncontrollable times -OR- always hear everyone's thoughts?
Well, i don't want to hear everyone's thoughts. I think the invisibile option would be highly amusing and I would very much like to preface all conversations by saying, "Just so you know, I may go invisible at any moment so don't worry, I'm still here." Then if it's a boring conversation, during a bout of invisibility, i could just walk away and the person wouldn't have hurt feelings, thinking I'm still there and go right on talking. Or they'd continue talking and I could sneak around them and respond directly into their ear over their shoulder and freak 'em out. I like to play tricks.

Would you rather never be able to answer a question -OR- never be able to ask a question?
Ah, t'is simple. I choose option 2. I would simply rephrase the question to make it a statement. For example: "I wonder if someone could tell me where this place was. It behooveth me to think that this is true. Perhaps I am wrong." Plus, I already know all the answers, which is why i would have to have the capability of option 1. It would be my moral & civic duty.

This last one made me laugh:

Would you rather, as a lumberjack 100 feet up a large tree, suddenly come upon a hive of bees -OR- come across an angry nesting eagle?
Well, as a lumberjack, I would rather come across an angry nesting eagle. Maybe it'd poke my eyes out but what a glorious final sight to behold it would be.

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MelBroek said...

hahaha. These are NOT dumb! Better than usual, even, I would posit.

My favorite line, "I like to play tricks." Don't know why, but I'm laughing an inappropriately large amount.