Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Star Trek: Why it was awesome

1. Because it's Star Trek. Just being there, I felt myself getting all geeked up and excited about it again. More than once i'd turn to Sean and quiz him on bits of trivial: "do you know what the location is called where the shuttles are?" (shuttle bay. easy. he knew it.)

2. I thoroughly enjoyed each introduction of an original character in their youthful years. Chekhov, Spock, Bones. All good fun. And all the jokes and one-liners they said that were classic to their character: Double good fun.

3. I really liked learning some of the back story and seeing these events that they refer to in the series actually transpire.

4. Leonard Nimoy

5. Waiting in line i said "dang, i wish I had a prop, like some vulcan ears or something..." and right then an employee walked by wearing some ears. Jealous.

6. Also while waiting in line we saw this little old lady come up to the end and ask the guy, "Is this the end of the line?" And the guy said, "Not anymore!" meaning.. now SHE was the end of the line. HA ha! Man, Trekkies are ruthless.

7. While standing in line, observing the scene and remarking, "there are a lot of nerds in the world."

8. It was confirmed: Spock is totally hot in his weird stoic, lame-hair vulcan way. I can't explain it. It is what it is.

9. Because it is Star Trek. Go see it today and find out what it means to be a fan & truly cool.


Joel said...

Amen. It was awesome.

Brooke said...

I concur that the movie was great fun. I liked it for many of the same reasons. But, Spock hot? I dunno. I'm not sure he CAN overcome the helmet hair...