Friday, May 29, 2009

slightly boring post about necklaces & other things

The weather has finally been glorious and for the past couple of weekends, it's kind of been like indulging in something you've been deprived of for what seems like years. For us, it's being able to go outside and walk around the city and not be super uncomfortable. So a couple of weekends ago we took full advantage.

It was a hardcore Saturday full of the following things:

Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien:

for tartines such as these:

Then we made our way over to the bead & trimmings shop which we thoroughly enjoyed for many, many minutes. I don't have a lot of jewels but basically all necklaces i own, Sean got for me and since he is quite into aesthetics, he cares about what he gets. It makes me like it more. So he picked out some beads with a very specific idea in mind for a necklace for me.

Then down to Greenwich Village for some ice cream at Cones.

Then to Eileen's for the very best cheesecake in the city:

the banana cheesecake of my dreams

classic strawberry

I love that we got ice cream AND cheesecake. I'm an adult; i can do what i want.

When we got home we made the necklaces and by we I mean I watched Sean do it and helped string on beads. One was a fish necklace akin to one of our favorite Christmas tree ornaments but a mini-version.

Ew, skin looks weird zoomed in like that. Isn't it a fun necklace? I've never considered myself a very crafty person. I usually don't see the need to make something that doesn't serve a purpose. I'm also kind of/very lame at crafty things. But i must say, jewelry-making could be very fun. Especially because I often like weird things and never quite find something that fully states "Jen," just things that mumble, or say Jan or Jane or Jillian or Betty (<--something that's way, way off) and i have to accept it as close enough. But "Jen"-- a weird bendy fish says just that.

Here's the one Sean was particularly interested in and I had a good time with a new photo website i found:

So, that's about it. Zzzzz. I'm now wondering if "slightly" in the title was a generous word
choice. I'll try to be more interesting next week. Cheers.


Ashley said...

They look cool! (The food and the necklaces, but I mostly meant the necklaces.)

Not "slightly" in the slightest.

Andrew said...

Please tell me it's not Piknik.

)en said...

It's not piknik. (what is piknik?)

Dom and Katie said...

mmmm, and oohh. what is le pain quotidien and can i eat there with you sometime because the food looks delicious. and, also, how do i go about having sean make me a totally awesome fish necklace? kind of not joking.