Thursday, May 21, 2009

My thoughts on: Overall Jeans

Normally I am quite the fashionista... wait, no. I will make no excuses. Want to know my true thoughts on overalls? I love 'em. LOVE THEM. I always have. And while I feel my style of clothing has drastically changed, (hopefully for the better) over the years, I still hold on to a lifelong love of overalls. Maybe they're lame, maybe they're hillbilly'ish, maybe they are ugly city, but i don't care. I do not care.

A couple of years ago i was clothing shopping with a friend and we were in H&M and i saw some overalls. I gasped and said to my friend who has excellent style, "Ohhh please can i get them? please please pleeease..." She consented reluctantly and i bought them and i was so happy. I love them. Some things i am drawn to in life and overalls are one of them and I can't deny it and not even will I allow pride to stand in my way. or shame. of which i have none.

I haven't worn them much this winter which is foolish because i can't wear them in the warm months but I recently remembered their existence and have gleefully gotten some good use out of them. The other day i washed them and they were all new and clean and i was more than a little excited to wear them.

One slightly annoying thing about overalls is having to undo straps and whatnot when using the bathroom. But hey, no big deal. Anyway, i was prepping to do so and (sorry for the TMI, but not really) lowered myself down and got all nice and situated. I heard this faint strange sound and for a milisecond had a fleeting thought but then--naaaahh... It's always been a fear of mine with overalls but it would never
happen. I then proceeded to finish my business. When I emerged I discovered what i feared actually DID happen. It was one of those moments where you're like, ohhhh MAN. How do i recover from this? Kind of like the time i dropped a giant full bottle of applesauce which shattered and splattered all over the floor and there was applesauce and glass everywhere and i had NO IDEA WHAT TO DO.

So I stood up and realized, yes.. it actually happened: First I lowered my strap INTO the toilet and then proceeded to
pee on it. GROSS GROSS GROSS. And i had been so happy to wear them. Fresh clean overalls. Why, oh Universe of Random Happenstance--Thou who often smiles upon my fortune, and now inexplicably frowns so harshly--why??? I was a little bit crushed, I'll be honest. Anyway, i had another gross-out laugh moment. So gross it's funny. Because it's better to laugh than vomit, as I always say.

And that is a recent experience with my overalls.

The End.


Joel said...

Well, I'm sold. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm heading out to pick some up right now.

Lianna said...

Oh yeah, overalls. I totally forgot about mine hiding in my closet. Thanks for reminding me, they will be good for my pregnant belly. Great, now I will most likely be paranoid every time i go to the bathroom, which is often :)

Pedersen Posse said...

Ha ha ha! Classic. Oh my pee-... would totally fit there, at least the way I intended to use it. :)

Alanna said...

I'm with you. I had a pair in high school that I adored. I dress my two-year-old in them whenever I possibly can so I can vicariously relive the glory.

I had a friend who had a theory that all girls-- fat or skinny-- look better in overalls. You and he would probably get along great!

The cutest pair I ever saw was in a Victoria's Secret catalog and they were enormously expensive. I still regret not buying them for myself.

Rob said...

I believe an unfortunate toilet incident is actually how the 80's style began, where people would only wear one strap of their overalls. How odd to see it happen once again in 2009. They always say styles repeat themselves.