Wednesday, February 10, 2010

At the Doorstep of Love

In honor of this approaching Valentine's Day, the day of love and loveness and dates and flowers, I am reminded of the best "doorstep goodbye," post-date, i've ever heard of. This is thanks to my sister and her date, who I hope doesn't read this, but if he does, then i am laughing WITH him, not at him.

He walked her up to the door, exchanged thank yous and whatnot, and then came the moment: goodnight hug? goodnight kiss? goodnight fist bump? He chose none of these. What he gave her was this:

A goodnight side hug WITH a high-five.

AH HAhahahahaha... ohh i love this so much. Picture that combo. I laugh, but really I should be applauding his coordination, because I am impressed.

Please tell me your favorite doorstep moment.


Anonymous said...

The next best (or maybe the best) was the Grabby Grabberson, inappropriate body smashing TWICE doorstep moment. :) *sigh*

Alanna said...

Before we'd gotten to the kissing stage of our courtship (pardon me as I laugh at myself for using that word!), I used to just let Craig said good-bye from his car, since it was warmer and we always ended up talking longer than we meant to. Once we'd finally decided to stop talking, he would give me a hug, which is really hard to do inside a car. So we dubbed them "Awkward Car Hugs" and laughed about it every time. It was great. (But kissing was better.)

Joel said...

I once went on a date (known among my friends as the "steamed vegetables" date) which went so horribly that I decided to cut my losses and not even get out of the car.

)en said...

ha. sometimes it's better that way. (I should like to hear more about this date)

love the awkward car hug.

Andrew said...

I'm a goodnight hugger. When I get back from my mission, I expect to rapidly graduate to goodnight kisser. Thankfully, I was sufficiently out of my social cocoon by the time I started dating that I never went through the goodnight fist-bump stage.

Ashley said...

I'd be such a bumbling idiot if someone tried to side hug me and high five me at the same time, like "Wait, what do you want me to do?" I wouldn't know where to look first.

This also reminded me of a blind date I went on in college. The guy was fresh off his mission and he walked me halfway up the sidewalk and then quickly ditched. He must have been incredibly anxious about the looming doorstep scene because he got out of there fast. I almost didn't even know he was gone.

)en said...

ha ha. "if we could rehearse our doorstep scene beforehand, that would help." That's what you should say.

Love the walking up halfway then, bolting. Good job, RM.

personally, i never much enjoyed the doorstep scene. So weird and formal and lame. I always felt absolutely fine jumping out of the car. While in motion. joking (or am i? some dates, i wish i would have...)

Amber Alvarez said...

In recent years one of my best good-night-first-kiss moments happened on the 2 train.

We were both standing and holding the pole when we got to his stop. I waved goodbye shyly with just a bit of signature. He waved and stepped off the train. When they said "Stand clear of the closing doors" he hesitated, jumped back INTO the train and grabbed me around the pole so we were both literally hugging the pole between us. He planted a frantic kiss half on my mouth and half on my cheek. He somehow made it off the train before the doors closed.

The whole thing only took seconds. I always think of him as the Kissing Bandit.

I know this isn't an officially doorstep moment but when dating life happens in NYC you get subway goodbye. Gross. I miss the porch.

Emily said...

I went on a date once and ended up being driven home by another guy I had just met that day
(the date had ended at mutual friend's b-day party {where i met the other guy...i think my date was going home south, and this guy was going home north, my way....good excuse? no. but i may have been the one to suggest it...don't remember)
and he ended up walking me to the door step and giving the ol' first date doorstep hug.
i guess between the 2 of them i had one complete date. and my first ever doorstep moment.
oh! and it wasn't even my doorstep. i was spending the night at my friends house.
good times...