Monday, December 15, 2008

Get Ready

Sean and I recently sent out our Christmas card. Every year we try to make it even cooler than the previous year's, and thus we become dorkier and dorkier still. But it's something we love to do. My friend left this message on my voicemail & without her permission, I am posting it here just to give you a taste of its awesomeness. (actually, this voicemail is probably much more awesome than the actual card.) Many of you have received it. If you didn't get one, don't feel bad. If i could, i'd buy a roll of infinity stamps and send one to every single person on Earth and beyond. But it'll go up, as usual, near Christmas Day. I just wanted to give you something else to anxiously anticipate, along with the presents.

(Also, you get to see our delightful tree and when i poke myself in the eye with pine needles.)

1 comment:

Ruthie said...

It's true. I cracked up when I got it. And then even though no one here knows who you are, I told them all about my incredibly dorky, thus super cool friend's christmas card. You're awesome. and I miss you.
Love, Ruthie