Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Did you ever believe in Santa?

I would say I'm not sure I ever believed in Santa, this due largely to having several older siblings who are likely going to let the cat out of the bag, or just ruin your life by telling you, just to be mean. I don't really remember that happening though. I do remember one pivotal Christmas morning:

In my family, we would wake up early in the morn and tiptoe to the living room where, in the shadows, we would see the shapes and bumps scattered all over the furniture. My parents would pull out all the presents and organize them into piles. When it was time to begin, we'd find our stocking and our name which was probably pinned to the couch or something, and sit by it. Then we'd go around the circle and open one gift from our pile at a time. Some things were wrapped, some weren't. And this one Christmas I remember sneaking into the living room before it was time, and spotting what I had wanted: A Barbie ice cream maker. I was SO excited and couldn't believe I got it, which makes me believe I wasn't yet fully aware that my mom had gotten it for me. I ran downstairs to where my brother was watching tv and said, "I got it Jon! The ice cream maker!" as if he had been super excited about it too. Ha ha. But who wouldn't be?

I love playing tricks and I love kids so naturally, one could assume I love playing tricks on kids, and if I had kids you BET i would play up the Santa thing as much as I could. I wouldn't let it go on too long because I wouldn't want them to get beat up at school but I'd have them write letters to "Santa," i'd put the letters in the mail with a fake north pole address and then sneakily change it at the last minute. I'd sneak outside by their bedroom window Christmas Eve and shake some jinglebells and maybe even make some reindeer grunts & noises. You bet I would. I would probably even write back as Santa and write special letters to each kid and talk about good and bad things the kid did to praise/encourage him or scare him into being good. And i'd love it. "I saw you hit your sister last week. Remember how she cried? That's naughty. Be sweet to her this week and I might forget about it." Ha ha ha.

I feel like I was spoiled as a child. I think we kids got far too much stuff for Christmas. I mean, did i need so many presents? I don't know how many we got, but a watch, sooo many clothes, a jewelry box, jewelry, a stereo, this and that and that and this. But it was a delightful time and I thank my parents for it. I've even stopped blaming them for getting me and my sister the same thing but in two different colors. I understand, mom and dad. With 8 kids, i have no idea how they kept track of everything. Kudos.

Do you remember getting a gift and believing Santa left it for you? Did you believe in Santa until you were 10? Do you still believe in him and I've totally ruined your life now? What was the best thing you ever got for Christmas?


Joel said...

I remember that one year my brother and I sneaked letters to Santa into our stockings on Christmas Eve, thinking that if Santa were real he would answer them. And he did!

We didn't really think it through enough to realize that if it was just my parents, they'd be filling the stockings, too...

)en said...

Aw.. that is fun.

Pedersen Posse said...

I don't remember ever believing in Santa. Tyler and I decided to tell our kids there is no "one" Santa. Everyone who gives a gift is Santa. It was still a magical Christmas.

Best thing I got for Christmas... hmmm... my stereo.. no, it was the grape bublicious in our stalkings one year. We weren't allowed to chew gum and, then one Christmas when I was in 4th or 5th grade, we got like 6 packs of gum. I chewed most of them on Christmas day. I can still taste that yummy grape flavor.