Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meal in a yogurt

I really like yogurt. I usually eat a yogurt every day for breakfast. It makes me feel good. I really like dairy. It does a body good, right?

My favorite yogurt brand is probably Emmi Swiss Premium Lowfat Yogurt. The first time i tried it, i had the pink grapefruit flavor. The lid had a thick coating of yogurt on it and i ate that first. It was GROSS. WHat the crap? i thought. Is this rancid sour cream?? It was extremely new to my taste buds. But for some reason, something inside told me I would love it. And I kept trying it, and I tried more flavors, and I do, I do love it. I've adjusted my taste buds and Pink Grapefruit is one of my favorite flavors because it's subtle and tart. But my most favorite flavor of Emmi Swiss Premium yogurt is:


It is the one on the top.

What IS birchermuesli, you say? I don't know. I don't know what it means. It is fun to say though. I think muesli might be a kind of grain? I don't know. But let me read to you the ingredients. Oh my.

Cultured Pasteurized Grade A Reduced Fat Milk
Wheat Flakes
Whey Protein
Shredded Hazelnut
Modified Corn Starch
Barley Flakes
Sultana (white grape)
Oat Flakes
Banana Puree Concentrate
Natural Flavors
Lemon Juice Concentrate

What the! No wonder I feel like a million bucks when I eat this stuff. Look at all that fruit! And wheat? Oats? Barley? Whey?? NICE.


)en said...

this post is so lame. ha ha.

Lianna said...

Or the reason you love it is because the 2nd ingredient is sugar :)you'd think with all that other goodness in it, they wouldn't need to add sugar.

)en said...

Well, all yogurt has sugar in it. It's interesting because Yoplait, what i used to regularly eat, i think has the most sugar in it, compared to Emmi Swiss & La Yogurt, my top two. I love Emmi because it isn't as sweet and I can't really eat Yoplait anymore because of that. I am turning into an old lady.

I also learned that things with fruit still need sugar sometimes. For example: I recently made some apple pie tarts. I just threw in the spices, didn't really measure anything. Turns out i didn't add enough sugar and it was BITTER. totally gross. good thing the vanilla ice cream was on hand.

And that is our boring nutritional information for today.

Joel said...

My favorite yogurt is this kind you get in Korea. It comes in tiny little bottles, and you drink it. I have no idea what exactly it is, but they call it yogurt and it's delicious.

Pedersen Posse said...

All I have to say is yuck! No wonder why I'm not a big yogurt fan... look at that ingredient list... way too healthy for my tastes. :)

)en said...

but angie, what if it tastes like a dream?

I am a fan of the yogurt drinks as well. the even lazier man's breakfast.

Joel said...

Eh, it’s not like the yogurt drinks you get here. Here’s a picture of the stuff. It has an utterly unique and wonderful flavor. So, since I know you’re in the cultural crossroads of the world, there’s got to be an Asian market around where you could find this yogurt to try.

)en said...

I am sure there is. That sketches me out a bit. What's in it? i wonder. I will keep my eyes peeled.

Scoresbys said...

You're only an old lady when you start doing things like dropping walnuts and raisins in your yogurt. Although they might go nicely with the barley that's already in there.

)en said...

I just had a roll tonight at a restaurant that had walnuts and raisins in it and it was delightful. I'm worried.