Saturday, September 20, 2008

a night at the oscars

When I was in college, several people including myself were involved in what is called "the Oscars." We split into groups and had to film a movie. It could be about anything you wanted. My group chose to film a couple episodes of our version of the tv show Blind Date and had cardboard thought bubbles and all sorts of fun things. My role was "girl on date with sleazy guy." (why was this the premise?) And then i end up ditching the guy and leave with the camera man. Whatever. Anyway, so when the movies were finished being edited, we all dressed to the nines and attended the Oscars on campus where we watched the movies and then saw who won best film, best actor, etc. Our movie won best film and it was a very happy night for all. Here is a picture of me and my roommates in our Oscars garb.

Why yes, that is a saran wrap dress I'm wearing. Like i said, to the nines. And why no, I couldn't sit down at ALL.

p.s. why are people wearing orthopedic shoes?


Ashley said...

Ah, fond memories. In fact, Mom made me go through a bag of old stuff the other day and I found the blessed blind date tape. Your episode really was lame, although Alan was pretty humorous. Mine was lame too, for that matter, but at least mine involved a car chase.

Anyway, LOVE the dress. Love it even more that I was the tailor. I'm ready for version 2: the ball gown. Anytime you're ready...

)en said...

You have the TAPE? I want it, NOW!

Alanna said...

Is that Rachel Brady, who is now Rachel Bentley??? Because she was my roommate right up until she got married.

And, back to my theory that we should be best friends, I had a saran wrap dress once (for a party themed "Anything But Clothes"); it was really hard to drive my stickshift car to the party. Those really don't breathe at all, do they?

The Gardner Gang said...

The only other place I've ever seen a saran wrap dress is on "Fried Green Tomatoes". I'm at a loss for words. What were your undergarments? Was it see-through? It sounds like something I would THINK about doing, but then try it out and get way too nervous that I'd have sweat running down my legs the whole night. Most likely my outfit would end up being some atrocious (spell?) 80's dress with huge shoulder pads.
Way to go. Carolyn

)en said...

Yes, that is rachel brady. Small world after all. Funny stuff! Yeah, they don't breathe, OR bend.

My undergarments were black stretch workout pants and a white tanktop which, clearly, i should have gone with black also. But it was awesome. I'd totally do it again. Ash spun me around and around and around, like a record baby. (sorry) It took a surprising amount of saran wrap. More than i would have thought.

Seriously though, couldn't bend. It was all i could do to make some kind of crease so i could be in a chair.

80's dress is pretty great. Did you poof up your hair?

KamilahNYC said...

made my day.

)en said...

i think that comment made my day. :)