Friday, September 05, 2008

Games I hate

I love games. I'm a gamer. I find that you really get to know a person when you play a game with them. I love adding a bit of competition to activities. I particularly love games that are fast-paced, where you race against others or the clock. (Others is better)

Here, however, is a list of games that totally suck. I know people love them but I do not. And here they are:

1. Scattergories. This isn't fun. No, no it isn't. You try to come up with as many words as you can and then you sit around and just debate with others in a non-fun way. This is a boring game for nerds that are boring.

2. Boggle. Boggle sucks. Every time I--ZzzzZZzzZzzzZzzz... I'm sorry, I just fell asleep in the middle of that sentence, just like when I fall asleep trying to play Boggle.

3. Balderdash. The last time I played this was roughly around 1997 so I'm not sure I'm being fair with this one. But I think the fact that I've never wanted to play since 1997 should tell me something.

4. Rook. I don't really know how to play Rook but as a small child I watched my family play this game and all I saw was contention and ridicule. Thus, I vowed I would never play, and I haven't.

5. Jenga. I don't hate Jenga, per se, I just don't care about it. So I don't really try not to knock down the tower and will play haphazardly. I'm usually the one who eventually knocks it down and guess what, excellent. Let's do something else.

And there's a list of games I hate. I hope you don't think I'm being negative and grouchy. But my list of games I love is way too long so I thought this would be better.


Natalie R. said...

Admittedly, I don't know most of those games (or at least haven't played them), but I do enjoy Boggle. We used to play that one as a kid growing up. My favorite, though, is Rummikub.

Joel said...

1. I like Scattergories because you can come up with wild answers.

2. I like Balderdash, because I'm good at lying in a convincing way.

3. Rummikub is great.

Lindsey said...

So I have to say that two of my all-time FAVORITE games are on your all-time BORING list. Sad huh? I like Scattergories, and I love Rook.

I think you need to give Rook a try. I've converted Ryan and his entire family. In fact, in the last 7 days, I have played both Scattergories and Rook. haha.

On the other hand, I totally agree about Boggle. Is that not the worst game known to man? I will admit that I have identified what makes a game "the worst known to man:" if I can't win.

Is this true for anyone else? Do you hate all games that you suck at?

)en said...

Lindsey, you may be onto something. Maybe i just suck at these games. Except no, because i am good at ALL games. just kiddin'. It's ok though, a lot of people love those games but for some reason, I'm left wanting.

Rummikub is one of the best games of all time.

My favorite game is a game my friends made up in college. It has everything. But it's great because it's a combo of having to be fast and also use your brain which makes you dumb. It is hilarious and the game is called Sweedish Speed.

Alanna said...

I hate games that are so complicated that by the time you figure out the rules, someone has already won. Settlers of Catan comes to mind (maybe if I played it more than once every two years I could actually remember the rules, but I doubt I'll ever bother).

Being Natalie's sister, I grew up loving Boggle, even if our Mom is mean and last Christmas when I was done reading my list of words, quite cuttingly asked, "Oh, is that all you got?" Ouch. Thanks, Mom. (If you've met my Mom, you'll know how weird it is that she can be so nice all the time and then be so cutthroat over a game!) It's still a great game in my book. I think I beat her the next round...

One game I LOVE even though I suck at it: Hearts. I never win. I usually come in third. But I still love it.

FYI-- the word "Jenga" actually comes from the Swahili verb kujenga, to build. Cool, huh? I don't know that it makes the game any more fun, but it's always good to know random stuff like that. You never know when you might be able to impress people with your crazy trivia knowledge. Speaking of which, who likes Trivial Pursuit?

)en said...

Excellent comment.

Trivial Pursuit is fun when it's really really late and everyone's tired and loopy and there's nothing else to do. I usually just like to sit around and read off the trivia questions instead of playing the actual game. Too complicated, like you say. And yes, I totally have learning-a new-game ADD. Someone else needs to learn it and then teach it to me.

I like hearts as well. And that bit of info about the roots of the word Jenga WAS interesting, thank you. Also: I can say hello in Swahili. Thank you, Encarta '95. So now i know 2 Swahili words. Swahilian?

See, I love when people become competitive and cutthroat in games when they are normally a nice normal person. Love love love it. So great about your mom.

Maybe i will post about games i love. This has gotten me all excited about games.

Brooke said...

I think you're cool because you love games. Shows you have good taste.

There's this game that's like unto Balderdash, but you get the start of a saying or proverb, and then you have to finish it. The sayings come from all over the world--many and varied cultures--and that makes it fun and unpredictable. I'm a fan.

Michelle said...

I think you don't like games that you aren't good at.

AJones said...

So you are officially at the top of the list of people I regret not being better friends with. I really love reading your blog. You are not only a talented writer but REALLY funny... and not alot of people are funny to us Jones girls...really! Ask Mary. But you my friend are funny. I know this because I always life out loud when I read your blog and walk away (click away) with a joke to tell, and inspiration for a blog topic or just a desire to come back again to see what else you've written. Cheers to a long blogger friendship!

AJones said...

laugh not life...oh dear! (its 12:30 am)

)en said...

Aww..what a wonderful thing to say. It's true, it's too bad we didn't hang out back in the day. Why didn't we? lame.

And thanks for thinking I'm funny. It encourages me. Well, I know that Mary has a high standard of humor, as she should. She is one of my faves. I often wonder how Jon got such a lady. ;)

High fives and cheers to you, my friend. Also: I like "life out loud." It could be a personal motto. I'm not sure what it means, but i like it.

p.s. Michelle, what are you tryin' to say?

Brooke, that game sounds nerdilicious. :) We'll have to play it sometime.

Stephanie said...

I totally agree with every single one of the games you posted....except for ROOK!!! of course. And you know, Make a Million is very similar so if you liked that one (and I know you kind of did) Rook is just one step away. You know you wanna...come on...try it...everyone's playing it. I looked at it like a learn something that seemed a bit complicated at first. It's just a card game...just like Authors.

)en said...

Authors!! Ha ha, talk about complicated. Yeah, Make a Million was interesting, i admit, but there were moments I did not like that told me that this is probably like Rook. I don't know. We'll see.

I should talk about games I love and the crusty syrup deck of Authors cards. Thanks for commenting. You should do it more.

Michelle said...

haha! ONE usually does not like games that ONE is not good at. haha Sorry.