Thursday, August 14, 2008

Schenectady (skə-ˈNEK-tə-dē)

The other night I told Sean it is my dream to live in the zip code 12345. That would just be the ultimate. (yes, my imagination has no limits) Nothing bad can happen if you live in the zip code 12345. So we looked it up and realized that the zip code 12345 belongs to the city of Schenectady in upstate NY.

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Perfect! I love New York and whenever I think of where i'd want to move, should that sad day come, I would love to live in a small new england town even though officially, NY is not a new england state. A couple of autumns ago I took a road trip and visited the tiniest cutest quaintest towns in New Hampshire and Vermont and fell in absolute love. Not fake or partial love. Real, absolute love. ALso, Schenectady is fun to say. So this takes care of everything!

Schenectady it is.

p.s. something you should probably know about me is I have a bizarre relationship with words. Often i will read a word and at first glance think nothing. But then I will look again. Such is the case with Schenectady where i looked & thought, I can make something out of you. Something, as in... an ANAGRAM! Yes, i love them. No, I am not ashamed.

Schenectady makes a perfect anagram. How could i not live in a place that could also be called "Candy Etches"?


Joel said...

Other anagrams for Schenectady include "dance scythe," "achy descent," and "decay stench."
What a place to live!

)en said...

decay stench?? that is a good one.

Wes said...

Small New England towns are the best!

Schenectady does have a cool zip code, but it's hardly a quaint small New England town...sorry to break it to you.

)en said...

It isn't? rats. Oh well, i still like the sound of it. And I think living in the zipcode 12345 could go a long way.

(and thanks for commenting. :) )

Michelle said...

Oh wow! I have some friends who grew up there. And to think, they never told me their cool zip code.

)en said...

What? That's the first thing I would tell someone if I was from Schenectady.