Friday, August 22, 2008


I secretly think I would be a really good actor. I'm pretty sure I can cry on demand. I'm very open, emotionally, and can tap into those emotions should I need them. Take the olympics, for example. I totally get choked up when I watch someone win and they cry & bask in the joy and glory at achieving their lifelong dream. I also cry and my heart breaks when someone trips or falls or knocks over a hurdle and in one split second, their dreams are shattered. Heart wrenching. I can hardly watch. Don't you think it's weird when they film them having their private moment crying in the corner? I'm like, "stop filming them! go away!" So sad. (sidenote: Sean just called me over to have me watch the Chinese diver who was behind and scored four 10s out of seven, and got the gold and was crying and i totally got teary. Maybe I'm just a big wuss is all it is. But anyway.) But one time I was telling the story of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and decided to get choked up about it (but not seriously) and i think I managed to cry when i got to the part about Chief and smothering what's-his-name with a pillow and then jumping out the window, and my family stared at me and thought i was being serious but when I said ha ha, just kidding, they were like, what the crap, you are crazy. And maybe i am, but they believed me, is my point.

Recently a friend of mine was filming a movie he wrote and I begged to be in it. He let me be the waitress and I got a speaking part and everything. I think I was extremely lame but it was super cool & fun to see how a movie is filmed and chatted with the crew. It was a really fun environment. One cool thing was he filmed my scene facing a mirror so you only see my reflection. That's fun.

When I was young I was in a couple of plays. I had small roles but I feel that they were imperative to the play and I really brought something to my character. The first was that of "fireman #2" in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I think I yelled, "hurry!" and I grabbed the hose when #1 said, "grab the hose!" You try running, saying a part, and grabbing a hose on cue all whilst wearing super heavy and hot fireman clothes. But I could do it. And I know I was believable.

Around that same time I auditioned for and got the part of "winged monkey #2." And after #1 said, "Is it true?" I said, "Is she really dead?" I believe that my performance was really impactful & I touched the audience with my convincing portrayal of a disbelieving enslaved winged monkey in shock, upon discovery of his dead wicked witch overlord who kept him captive for so many years.

When I was in college I auditioned for a play at the Hale Theatre. Yes, that's right. I didn't tell anyone this for years. I didn't get the part but I did get a call-back. In the end the part went to a pretty, more experienced girl. But I was pleased that I tried. Plus, hanging around those actors REALLY weirded me out. They are freaks. What is up with people who always talk as if they have an audience? I would have a conversation with some of them and constantly be wanting to look over my shoulder and say, "I'm sorry, is this.. are you practicing right now? Is someone else watching us?" Freaks. But it's alright. They're practicing their craft.

I'm also pretty good at improv, but that is a story for another day...


Joel said...

I have a video from a television production class I took in high school (we simply refer to it as "The Orange Movie"), and I was the worst actor ever. It's truly painful to watch.
I need to see if I can get that posted on my blog so you can laugh at my terrible acting/haircut.

)en said...

you SHOULD. That would be awesome.

MelBroek said...

I too, was once an aspiring actress. The highlight of my career was in 9th grade musical theater. I was "The Fairy Godmother" and... it was an experience. Let's just say, I CAN dance, but not a dance that someone ELSE made up! Lame. I'm more the "rock the night away and blow everyone out of the water with my Beyoncé moves." Needless to say, the choreography was insanely hard, and I sucked like a vacuum. SO, I think in actual production they just had my WALK across the stage instead of doing their stupid dance thing. It was great. Here is a picture.

I'm the angry looking one on the right.

Katie said...

I've always secretly wanted to be an actress, and I also thought I would be pretty good...until I realized it would be really weird to pretend to be scared when nothing scary was actually happening or to act like there weren't a bunch of people watching my every move. I guess I'll just have to enjoy your performances; can we have you star in a play for next year's girls camp?

Natalie R. said...

"We are actors! We are the opposite of people - we need an audience." That is one of my favorite quotes from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Cameron always tells me I should try out for a play (because I sing along and act out the musicals on my iPod), but I hate having an audience, so it just wouldn't work out.

Pedersen Posse said...

Jen, you are so insightful... Now that you have acting down, have you ever considered writing a book?

PS- I like the new look to your blog (not just because blue is my favorite color).

AJones said...

I can see that you might have a promising future in acting...however, improv? really jen? I'm pretty sure you practically handed your opportunity to prove this at a teaparty I know took place this summer....I mean I didn't even see the slightest hint of a improv foot tapping...All I'm saying is...I wouldn't go trying out for any comedy sports any time soon but I wouldn't close the door on Hale Theatre just yet...Break a leg.

AJones said...

ps if you want to get some tips and pointers from a skilled actress I'm pretty sure you'll find it on my blog if you scroll to the bottom also the youtube videos....all great resources.

)en said...

Girls camp is the perfect platform for acting. I mean, skits? hello! I wonder why we didn't do them this year. oh well.

I love movies and i love film as a vehicle for telling a story. I'm impressed by people who can truly transform themselves into someone else despite all the people watching them. I wonder what kind of person would be particularly good at this.

Aly, it is no wonder that you would be a phenomenal actor. Your Tea Party Lady was brilliant. I'm sort of timid when it comes to performing yet I think i love it deep down. Improv. Yeah...I say I'm good at things but it's entirely baseless. I did improv one night for a church activity and thought i was pretty funny and quick but i'm sure i was the only one.

Angie, thanks. This blog look was/is supposed to be temporary but it's not such a bad look.

A book, a book! i'd love to write a book. We shall see. It may be on my pretend-list of goals for this fall. I'll let you know.