Monday, July 07, 2008

In an Alternate Universe

I often discuss with people i know, what our dream job would be in an alternate universe. I'm not really sure what this means but I guess we are referring to jobs we'd love to have but aren't at all plausible, feasible, the least bit likely, or even real.

For example. Some of the jobs I'd have in an alternate universe are:

subway train driver, at least for a day.
pastry chef
professional rower

So what are yours? And I'm now getting the weird feeling like I've already asked you this before. Rather than looking through and checking to see, I'm just going to hit publish and think about how lame it is to blog about something you've already blogged about, as if it's new and different.


Joel said...

Glass breaker
Professional heckler
Olympic rocket sled champion

KamilahNYC said...

Rock star
Professional lounger

jongibson1 said...

Dear Jen - I've been laughing about your "I will never take" post for days now!
Seriously, yesterday I was laying in bed and just started laughing out loud thinking about what you wrote. How do you come up with this stuff?!

Okay - also like 8 people have hit my site from your far I've received the most referrals from you. How do you have so much traffic!?! Seriously - impressive.

)en said...

professional lounger, as in one who hangs out at lounges? Or one who excels in doing nothing at home? Because both would be awesome.

Shoot, that olympic one is a good one. I always wanted to do that big ski jump.

MelBroek said...

I've always wanted to be that person that makes the huge posters in grocery store windows that say, like, WATERMELON!! 3 lbs for $1. Not only is that probably a great price for watermelon, but also, I think I would be good at being misleading. For example: Husband to Wife while driving by their local grocer:

W: oh honey! Look at that well-crafted sign in the front window of our local grocer! 3 watermelons for only $1?! That simply seems too good to be true.

H: Okay, i guess we can go in and buy some conveniently priced watermelon, plus the color coordination and handwriting on that well-crafted sign are just so pleasing.

Little did they know, it was 3 POUNDS for a dollar, not 3 whole WATERMELONS!! But the tiny little lbs was so little and well-hidden that it drew in those poor, unsuspecting customers. Mwah ha ha ha

Yup, I'm pretty sure this is the job for me!

MelBroek said...

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I'd love to hear how you liked that episode of TNG. I was super thrilled when i heard you were planning on watching it! Perhaps e-mail would be a more efficient means of communication.

Rob said...

As long as it's an alternate universe, why bother being restricted by the laws of physics? I would definitely be living liquid, with the ability to morph the shape of my body into anything I pleased! I could spread myself out on the floor and reach up and scare passersby, or I could spread my finger out to shut off the lights without getting out of bed. Seriously, you've got majorly stunted imaginations about what's possible in an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!

)en said...

Rob, this is not about superpowers, this is JOBS. We have to abide by SOME kind of definition/laws. So let me rephrase: An alternate universe on Earth. :P

(though all of that would be super cool)

)en said...

p.s. melissa-that would be a fun(?) job. I just watched an episode of Scrubs last night where Dr. Blonde said, "that's right! I went to calligraphy camp." and i laughed.

Rob said...

Oh. It's hard for me not to jump to super powers.

In that case I would take the job of the guy on Future Weapons. It's a show on the Military channel (a break off of the Discovery Channel) which I watch...a lot.

He gets to go all over the country, and to other countries, to see, ride in, and try out all these awesome cutting edge things. What a freaking sweet job!...for a boy. He gets to blow stuff up, drive remote control stuff, fire big guns, and ride in big, tough, fast stuff. (sigh), yeah...that's what I would choose.

Brooke said...

National Park Service Ranger
Dramaturge (
Book reviewer