Thursday, July 10, 2008

Call My Name!

This is Sean's latest masterpiece. What should the name of it be? He keeps asking me and I tell him I am crap at coming up with titles. So i gave him some and he paused a second and said, "yeah... maybe i'll do this one on my own." ha ha! So we need your help.

UPDATE: I have been mentioning these suggestions to Sean via IM and he likes them. He said, "I like, but I need a romantic word in there somewhere, not all scientific. It's interesting because this tells me what people see when they look at it. No one is saying 'longing for a better world' or "the pain of a dying planet.'" Ha. So there you go: Something including a romantic word, whatever that means.


Joel said...

Rainbow Trout

Not that it looks like one, but the pattern sort of resembles scales, and there's a range of color...
Eh, never mind.
No, never mind that never mind. I looked again and the first thing I think of is fish scales. So I stand by my initial impression.

MelBroek said...

Joel's is actually quite clever - nice one. My first impression was more... geometric waves type of thing, but that's just the engineer inside me. Who wants to have the word "geometric" in the title of a masterpiece. But that's all I've got.

What do we get if we win?

)en said...

something cool, i guarantee.

Actually almost all of Sean's things have "geometric" in it, so you are not far off. But i love rainbow trout and will run it by the man.

keep them coming... i got nothin'.

Michelle said...

I say....Schema.

Joel said...

I think the winner should get a signed doodle on a cocktail napkin.

Brooke said...


)en said...

Nice one.

Ok, i have one. Is it lame for me to post one? Oh well.

"Color, to scale." <-- sort of borrowing joel's fish idea. And it kind of looks like snake skin to me. Plus it's a pun and we all know how much i love those.

7/10/08 3:27 PM

Brooke said...

I revise. "Chromatic refraction"

I dunno.

I like "Color, to scale."

Brooke said...

I'm a loser! I didn't read the update, and then I revised my name to be even more scientific. Okay, um, let's see...

Crap, titling is hard!

)en said...

ha ha.

it totally is. I hate it.

Joel said...

How about "Scalene"? They're triangles, and they look like scales...

Jeremy said...

I like... Poetic Rhapsody. How's that for feeling and romance!

MelBroek said...

ha HA! Scalene is beautiful. I do like the "Color, to Scale" too. SO funny. I guess a more artsy title from me would be "Desert Strata" because those shapes and the muted purpley blues really do remind me of a desert.

)en said...

Wow, these are so great. Jeremy so poetic. Maybe we will hire you to write a poem about the painting. )

I like desert strata a lot too. I can see what you mean about the colors. I wonder what Sean will decide?? Let's keep thinking of them.

A sketch on a cocktail napkin sounds like the perfect prize for the winner.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all for the input, you're all so generous with great ideas. And the door remains open to more... MY winner would beeeeeeeeeee "Poetic Rhapsody" I like the reference to music.

Trevor said...

This is a joint post from Ash and Trev.

Lavern & Shirley #4
Mothballs and Crispy Toast
The South Pole
Don't Cry for Me, Antarctica
My Blood Swims Upstream
The Changeling
The Sun Sets In
Mick Jagger and Me
Plaid Through a Prism
My Grandmother's Purse
Sweatin' to the Oldies
John Belushi, Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy
Life Insurance
Pen pal
Green Means Envy
Defrosting Memory
Undercover Coward
Ashes and Dried Fruit
Cellular Longing
Suburban Slander
The Channel Changer
Another Alphabet
Tom Hanks is: Forrest Gump
Lady of the Lake
I Am Listening
Disco Loneliness
Telegram Me
No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service
My Breath, My Burden

And a special note to Sean: You can use any of these you want for future paintings. Just a little added bonus for being related to us.

Ashley said...

I'm a little upset that there has been no follow-up comment about our wealth of title ideas.

Even if you hate them all and us because of them, the least you could do is let us know.

)en said...

Don't take it personally. This is most likely due to him reading my blog only once a week. I'm sure he'll comment soon.

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Trevor!
I am blown away by the generosity of your title-bonanza! Sorry for the late reply, btw... I could paint the rest of my life trying capture the essence of "Laserlove" or "Lavern & Shirley #4" PS Do I perceive a large video collection in immediate psychological space?