Tuesday, June 24, 2008

chat snippets with Ash

So my Polish sister and I rarely get a chance to talk. We try to use the webcam and microphone but 75% of the time is spent saying "wait, what? It cut out." or accidentally hanging up on each other. So we decided to use the gmail chat the other day.

Our childhood resulted in hundreds upon hundreds of stupid inside jokes. Many of these jokes involve typos, spoonerisms, thoughts-you-saids, etc. Gladly, we still laugh at them today. It is a fine thing when you can create like 5 new inside jokes through instant messaging.

Also, i should mention that we also have this weird hereditary laugh called "the wheeze." My mom and her sisters do it and it's quite something to behold. It's basically an abrupt blast of air that sounds like a wheeze. Then you start laughing like a regular person, or not. Sometimes it's just a wheeze.

Anyway, here are some snippets of our conversation. Hopefully it's entertaining. There's a very good chance you will be sitting there staring with crickets chirping. But I thought it was funny and it will give you some insight into how I converse in IM, which I bet you woke up this morning dying to know.

"Laughing About Laughs, Part One"

me: (laughs)
(lots of laughs, i mean)
Ashley: (one laugh)
me: (i am laughing a lot)
ha ha, geez. I was trying to explain that I was laughing. So difficult, apparently.
i really laughed at: (one laugh)
we should describe our laughs since we can't hear each other
(laughing vocally)
Ashley: (a short chuckle)
me: (long, drawn-out laugh with a slight wheeze)
Ashley: (an amused sigh)
me: ha ha--what the?
that's weird, ash. Sighing in response to something--"Ahhhhh...." ??
Ashley: you know, like a laugh with just one noise
Ashley: like a smiley "hm."
can that be a laugh?
me: yeah, ok
I've been sitting here trying it over and over again
I think i produced something that sounds real
Ashley: haha

"Jen Takes it Too Far" & "Laughing About Laughs, Part Two"

Ashley: yeah, that sucks
me: yeah. sooo frustrating.
but oh well. it worked out in the end
Ashley: that's good. (p.s. I first typed "that suckls." Sick.)
me: hahaha. (majorly huge wheeze laugh)
Ashley: ha ha
me: suckls...hahaha
so sick
Ashley: I'm trying to figure out what that would mean, for it to be a bad thing
me: i don't know. it's just kind of a gross word
Ashley: it is
me: "that suckls the teet of annoyances"
Ashley: ewwwwwwwwwww
me: haha.. I am sorry. Wow.
Ashley: NEVER say teet
me: hahaha
I said i was sorry!!!
Ashley: (still laughing)
me: (me too)
it IS vivid though.
you can't argue with that.
Ashley: sure is
me: ohhhh shoot. That is funny...
Ashley: oh MAN
and the wind down...
me: i like how it's misspelled though
Ashley: yeah, me too
I was too distraught to think about it at the time
me: ha ha-the wind down, to end lots of laughter with an amusing sigh
me: or amused sigh, I mean
ha ha
Ashley: ha
stop being funny
me: now, what would be an amusing sigh?
"that sigh was very amusing."
anyway...i am annoying myself
Ashley: one in a really high voice?
me: hahaha
it really is amusing
try it
Ashley: now I just sound like an idiot
me: a high-pitched wind-down sigh
Ashley: ha ha
me: i can't even do it. i bust into laughs
Ashley: same


Joel said...

The crickets are also staring, too stunned to even chirp.

Ashley said...

Man, tough crowd thus far. But I liked it, even the third time around. (The second was when I recounted the good jokes for Trevor.)

(still laughing)

MelBroek said...

I'm surprised Ashley didn't write out her "mediocre laugh"


Natalie R. said...

Ha, that's awesome. I love reading previous chats, they can be quite amusing!

Have you tried Skype? It's totally free to download, and if you both use it you can talk to anyone in the world for free! Almost all the students in Grenada use it, and generally it sounds alright. :0)

)en said...

Yes, Skype is what we generally use, and which generally hangs up on us and whatnot. :) I like it, it's fun.. maybe it's a distance thing. ah well.

Mediocre auto-laugh. She gets that from my mom too. I probably do it too.