Monday, May 05, 2008


1. I noticed something funny. I ran an errand and there was the possibility of meeting up with a friend but I needed to hear from her before I left where I was. I called & left a voicemail and then, not sure what to do, just decided to step to the
side and wait. This was at Columbus Circle near Central Park. Busy. Here's the funny thing: People think it's strange to just see someone standing to the side of the sidewalk, not doing anything. I just stood watching people and I got many-a look, let me tell you. People looking back and everything. They just couldn't stand not knowing what on earth i was doing there. I MUST be up to something. After a while i was highly amused and started to smile which probably weirded people out even more. Funny.

2. On the train ride home, every few seconds there was this drawn-out scraggly note that sounded like a new violinist trying to play his new violin that he just purchased at the music shop. Just one note. But it sounded EXACTLY like a violin. At first when it was more crowded, i assumed it was some subway musician. Then after a while, and thinking "man, this guy sucks," i looked up and realized it was no one. It was just a weird sound coming from the train. It was funny to me and i even smiled, again, at this weird occurrence of the mysterious ghost beginner violinist. I should probably stop smiling in public.

3. Walking home from the train, I was walking home on this street that i've lived on for 4 and a half years and there, across from the supermarket, nestled between the cleaners and the photo lab (or close to it), was.... get ready... ready?

A PIZZA PLACE!!!!!!!!!

Oh the JOY! I stopped dead in my tracks, my jaw dropped. (<-- this is not an exaggeration in the slightest) I gazed at it for a minute and then walked in with my bags. Two men (the owners) were sitting casually at some tables and they said "hi" to me. I responded with great emotion in my voice saying, "THANK YOU!" One man chuckled and said, "we needed it, right?" "SO bad," i said. I then asked if they were brand new, that it looked like it, and they said they open tomorrow. I stood there speechless for a second or two and then just said, "Ohhh hallelujah..." and turned and walked out with a wave. You do not know how badly i have been dying for a pizza joint on my friggin' street. You know how frustrated i've been if I say 'friggin.' I mean, this is Brooklyn. Pizza places are EVERYWHERE. Why not on my street?? And now we finally have one. I seriously almost shed a tear. I'm so, so utterly happy. WHAT an emotional day.

And those are the highlights (thus far) from today.

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Michelle said...

That sounds very adventerous! And pizza sounds good.