Monday, May 12, 2008

Hidden Talents

We are all talented people. Some of us have artistic talents. Some of us are good with numbers or have a knack for crafts. Some might be good at words (<-- clearly i am not one) or be a good judge of character. Some of us may have useful talents. Some of us may have useless ones, though nonetheless impressive. Either way, we all have talents. Today I am going to talk about hidden talents, things we're good at that take some time to reveal themselves. Here are some of mine:

1. You may not know that I am a freakishly fast typist. I keep a journal on the computer and have for the last 14 1/2 years and it is nearing 1,000 pages. When my class went to the Space Center for a day in 6th grade, I was the Ship's Recorder (lame--i so should have been the captain. But i could type fast) I am the fastest typist I know. Is this cool? You be the judge. But if anyone is up for a contest, I'm game. Because i'm also a bit competitive in a silly way and just like stupid races and things like that.

2. Some of you may know this but I'm quite proud of it so i'll state it here: (plus i'm having a hard time coming up with things, amazingly) I can sing Row Row Row Your Boat entirely backwards. Perhaps i've mentioned this on my blog. I've had it for 3 years so it's a possibility. You basically know my life by now. But it's so cool and if I ever figure out a way to record it and post it, you bet I will.

3. I am a Mario Kart champion. N64 version. I am the BEST. And i'm not bragging, just stating a fact.

4. I am pretty good with block letters. When i was in high school i doodled like my life depended on it, which it did, because I had so many painfully boring classes and doodling saved me when i was inches away from death. I can make creepy drippy lettering and i can make cursive block letters, etc, usually in the form of my name. I like my name and write it over and over and over on notepads, post-its, whatever, all around the house, when i'm passing by, want to try out a pen, or am on the phone. If you visit pen shops throughout NYC do not be surprised to see "Jennifer" written on pen test pads citywide.

5. Sean says I am good at oral interpretation. This may be because I have read aloud several books to him. I could tell you this is because we are just lovey like that but mostly it's because i am a nazi and insist he read fun fiction because he won't do it on his own. Not that he refuses, but you know. So i've read to him all the Harry Potters, several Roald Dahls, etc. This latest book (The World Without Us) is full of technical gabble and Sean is loving it. I like it because I am getting really good at pronouncing big words that mean nothing to me, without stopping the flow, and I enjoy that. And it's interesting too, in its way, i guess.

6. I am a good liar. Again, is this good? You decide. But if you want someone to throw you a surprise party without you ever knowing, you know who to call, because I am awesome. I will totally lie to your face for the sake of a surprise. Repeatedly. And in a believable way. (you don't have to be gullible by nature) I'm also good at thinking on my feet.

what are some of your hidden talents?


Joel said...

I can roll my tongue. I don't mean curling up the sides like a pink cigarette (although I can do that too). I mean I can make undulating waves on it, like some people can do with their stomach. It's disgustingly fascinating.

Anonymous said...

You absolutely MUST try it is so fun!

)en said...

Holy crap!! I'm in love. Thanks, anonymous!

Our Blog said...

I don't think that those things are hidden, since I've seen some of them in action. Plus, you have so many other talents - there's no need to look for hidden ones.

Other people don't have talents - except for some deeply hidden ones......imagine how you'd feel then.

Ashley said...

In regards to your first point, I WAS the captain at the Space Center when I went in 6th grade. Just thought you'd like to know.

(I know this has nothing to do with what you were talking about, but maybe my hidden talent is being better than you? Or maybe it's pointing it out?)

)en said...

maybe your talent is being a jerk, ash. I must say, you are VERY good at it.