Monday, March 10, 2008

My Life with Jen (a guest post by S. Morello)

This morning my alarm sounded at 7am. Normally, I am roused by classical music, but this morning, for the first time ever, there was some kind of news report going on. Before I could shut it off (and before the announcer could say more than 3 words), Jen shouted from a sleepy stupor, "BOOOOOORRRRING!" Then she immediately fell back asleep and never mentioned it again.

I guess Jen doesn't like news in the morning.


)en said...

ha ha ha hahaaha... ohhh i laugh.

Rachel said...


Joel said...

I've never met you guys in person, but I have a feeling that this post sums up Jen better than any other.

)en said...

i love it. I think you may be spot on.

R* said...

This comment is for S. Morello, guest poster:

from what I've gathered checking out the artisfree site and the art on the walls in jen's photos, you may be interested in(or have already seen) this:

yes, no?

Anonymous said...

I plan to love it, but I must admit I have not seen it yet. And it's been open for 11 days!

Here's a gem you might appreciate.