Monday, March 16, 2009

I just thought of yet ANOTHER brilliant nickname for Sean.

When he's being a pill*:


(rhyming with ornery**.)


This is interesting because i thought of it when i was writing "shorn" which is another nickname i am fond of & use often. (it derives from Sean Bean's character, also named Sean, who is a member of the Irish Republican Army in Patriot Games and that's how his Irish comrades say his name, in their Irish brogues. the end.) And then, i don't know why, but I added on "ery" like "nerdery" or "boucherie" which is French for the "butcher's shop." I know this extension is to mean a place but sometimes i just like to add "ery" to words. Anyway, so it came out "shornery" and lo, the perfect nickname was born.

It could also be a good way for Sean Connery to condense his name.

*too bad he never is a pill. i really would like to use this though. Isn't it great?

** on that note, what's up with the word ornery? The way it's spelled, I mean. I feel like this is a strictly British word because when pronounced in an American accent, the spelling is completely nonsensical. Kind of like Colonel. Somehow, sometime in history, someone heard a Brit say this word and perhaps he slurred the syllables, and they thought there was an r in there when there really wasn't, because Brits don't really pronounce the r's mid-sentence. Yeah, that's a really good theory. I bet I'm right.

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