Thursday, February 07, 2008


Here is a debate that comes up every once in a while between me and Sean. Here it is, and tell us what you think.

Would you rather have a head twice the size of a normal adult head or half the size of a normal adult head? And why.

update: i have decided to tell you what I think.

First, i said twice the size of a normal head. I mean, people have big heads, that's not that unusual. And you know, when people emaciate themselves, such as celebrities and whatnot, they start to get that "bobble head" look, where their head looks too large for their wasted-away body. And apparently this is a trend, therefore some people must like it, therefore it would probably be socially accepted.

Sean said he'd rather have one half the size of a normal head, his argument being that, assuming your features would be in proportion to your abnormally large head, you would have the freakishly hugest facial features and that would be truly frightening. This got me thinking. Huge eyes... what does that make me think of? right, an alien. That's not good for trying to look normal. Huge nose... that's not that weird. I've seen some pretty big noses in my time. Huge mouth? aaaah, this is where i think i'd be scared. Steven Tyler has an insanely large mouth and i confess, it does scare me a little. I think the size of a mouth in proportion to a head twice the size of a normal head might make small children cry. Let's face it, you'd be a monster.

So that really persuaded me. So, that said, now what do you think?


Joel said...

That is one of the most bizarre questions I have ever heard.

)en said...

does really no one have an opinion on this? I live for discussing stupid things seriously.

KamilahNYC said...

I loved talking about this with you. I think you are right, if everything stayed in porportion then I would definitely go with a half-sized head, but let's say if your eyes and everything stayed their normal size and just the head size shrunk/expanded, well then I would definitely go with the two times as large, otherwise, you'd have these huge eyes and a mini-head. At least with the huge head, your eyes and ears and nose would look small and delicate...:)