Thursday, February 28, 2008

Calling all cool people

So I am in a band. yes, that's right. And we're experiencing a bit of a quandary, the classic frustrating task of coming up with a band name. I suggested Jen and the Holograms but it totally got vetoed. Lame, because it rocks. But whatever. I'm determined to make it an album name.

One band member suggested Knife and Gun Club. I know, it sounds tough, right. This Club apparently is what they call the night shift in certain hospitals in certain Bklyn neighborhoods. If you work that shift, no matter what you do--ER, nurse, surgery, etc, you are treating someone with injuries due to a knife or gun. This is interesting. It's also a funny name for our band because it's 3 Mormons from Utah.

So last night we had band practice and once again, were discussing band names. Everyone was coming up with ridiculous phrases. Finally, we decided to look into buying the URL for knife and gun (incidentally, we have now learned it is taken) and Sean was figuring out the splitting of the cost if we bought a couple of relating URL's. As he was calculating the cost he said "wait, that's not right.. 3x7..21.. oh, yes it is. Sorry, i had a math catastrophe" and we all laughed and then were like, HELLO! rewind! Math Catastrophe?? That's a pretty frawesome band name. And i think it would mean something to all of us specifically, in one way or another. For example, for me, when I try to do math, the result is a catastrophe. Or there's a catastrophe going on in my brain. Or my language becomes a catastrophe. In that, i want to swear.

So now we can't decide. Which do you like better? The Knife & Gun Club or Math Catastrophe? Some said Math Catastrophe might get old really fast. Like, alright.. it was catchy at the beginning, but now it's just kitschy. (heh)

Or, if you can think of anything better, I'd love to hear it.

update: since that URL is taken, what about Brooklyn Knife & Gun Club. Too long? too cool? Please, i need your help.


Joel said...

Math Catastrophe is pretty cool. Knife and Gun Club just sounds lame to me. Two-word band names seem to work better.
These were your suggestions a while back when I did a post discussing band names:

Fluffy dagger
Marshmallow Poison
Sugar Death
Rainbow Sewer
Mellow Seizure

Or just take two words and make them a spoonerism, in the vein of "runny babbit."

Rob said...

Brooklyn Knife and Gun Club is a bit too long. But maybe you could call it BKGC. Then you could be uber cool like CCR.

Along the lines of Math Catastrophe, what about Brain Wreck?

And this is a random thought that just came to me, but that's what band names are right?


)en said...

Ha ha. It's fun to come up with band names. Joel, i totally forgot about those. they are awesome, especially mellow seizure. I like that visual. (no offense to anyone who has had a seizure.)

Anyway, so here's the latest: Progressive Diner.


Our Blog said...

First of all, who is in the band? And what do ya'll play.
Tell me that, and then I can help.

I really do like Math Catastrophe, but it might get old.
Maybe something with the word 'mafia' in it.

Anonymous said...

I actually like Brooklyn Knife and Gun Club the best. It gets your attention. It reminds me of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Math Catastrophe sounds a little nerdy, like you're an electronica band that made all your tracks on a computer.

)en said...

ha ha ha haaa... ohhh, i laugh. Gary, excellent point. Brooklyn Knife & Gun Club is becoming a favorite too, in the band. People keep spouting out new names though. It's seriously getting out of control.

The latest ones are Lower West, Video Conference, THe Belvederes.