Friday, February 15, 2008

Attack of the Killer Rose of Love

This is great. Last night when Sean came home I heard him come in the door to the building and walk down the hall outside the apartment. Now, let it be known that Sean scares SUPER easily. Also let it be known that I LOOOOVE to scare him. It's one of the many things that gives me great joy in my life. He hates it but i can't stop, i just can't. This has a drawback though, and that is that because he scares so easily, sometimes i scare him accidentally. I just show up in a room and he jumps and yells, arms flailing, totally startled. This has another drawback and that is, because i wasn't intending on scaring him, his startled outcry then scares ME and I yell and flail and it's totally funny. I think it's a way for him to get back at me even though he doesn't mean to. I ask him why he doesn't try to scare me more because it's not like I'm unscareable but maybe he just doesn't think of it. I've probably scarred him. From all of the scaring him. He's scare scarred.

Anyway, so i hear him walking toward the front door so in my delight to greet him, I ran over and just as he opened the door, i slid into view in my socks a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business (don't worry, i was fully clothed). Here is what happened at that moment: he opens the door, sees me slide into view which scares him, he yells the loudest bark/yell i've ever heard and then I see this wrapped rose come hurdling, in reflex, toward me. In my reflex, I try to duck and put my hands to my face to protect myself but i'm too late and the rose hits me in the face and falls to the floor.

Ha ha ha. Happy Valentine's Day! It was so funny. We just stood there laughing. I mean, it's such a great way to get a Valentine's gift. You get flowers and a surprise!


Anthony and Rene said...

This is the best v-day story ever. And btw, in the past I don't remember getting scared too easily but ever since I've gotten married I get so scared. Same thing as Sean, Anthony will just come around the corner and it freaks me out. Eww I don't like it cause it makes my heart hurt...but Anthony loves it and laughs so hard.

Our Blog said...

Dear Jen.
I got a phone call from you the other day. Then, I tried calling you back. I left a message.
I haven't heard back from you yet!!!


KamilahNYC said...

That is a great story! I scare easily too and Dereck pretends that he doesn't mean to sneak up and have me turn around and see him standing there, but I know he does it on purpose! Pure funny though.

Brooke said...

:) Love it.