Friday, January 25, 2008


Interesting commericial i saw on tv. It's an ad for chewing gum and tries to portray the "experience" of chewing it using ropes and pulleys and I can't quite make out what is going on.

But at the end he says: "[brand name] chewing gum. Cinnamon that warms as you chew."

I'm sorry, what? Warms? Mmmmmmmm... because that does sound appetizing. Nothing i like more than a steaming hot piece of gum.


Ashley said...

Yeah, that's kind of crazy. Not exactly what I look for in a chewing gum. "[brand name] chewing gum. Since the cinnamon's not hot enough..."

)en said...

yeah, plus, cinnamon gum is gross.

Anonymous said...

Ok, but what if you were Violet on Willy Wonka? I mean, that gum warmed. I will say that Hot Tamales do warm you as you chew them so all in all, I'm in favor of the commercial and feel compelled to go buy whatever that gum is right this very minute.

)en said...

Ha. That's right, how could i forget? Hot tomato soup. "I can actually feel it running down my throat!" hmm. Maybe it WOULD be the awesomest gum experience.