Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, we all have our preferences, i guess. Some like fake (and i pity them) and others prefer real. It's fine... at least you have a tree. Here are mine, for your viewing enjoyment.

First, our tree in B-town. Isn't it prrretty? i especially like the glow on the red wall.

And here is another view of the tree. I just thought our living room looked comfy and cozy. tip: put a piano in your living room and it will make it a hundred times more homey.

Here's the tree at my parents' house. They always get gigantor trees and go saw it down the day after Thanksgiving. Amazingly, this one is on the smaller side compared to trees passed. I think it's lovely.

and with the flash


)en said...

p.s. trees past? passed? i swear i will never get passed/past straight. I don't know why, but i just won't.

Brooke said...

I heart the bumble tree!

)en said...

oh, the bumble tree. so rotund, so cherub-like.