Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Do you ever have scenarios run through your brain of someone breaking into your house and what you would do? I always imagine trying to find the best and closest item to use as a weapon, which is usually the big black flashlight. Or my lava lamp. I feel like I would be so stealthy and would think fast on my feet. I also imagine myself talking my way out of danger if confronted by an intruder. I'd show him the error of his ways and make him want to give up a life of crime and be a better person. But, in truth, if I had to use my weapon, I really think i could. I think people are capable of crazy things when faced with certain situations and if i had to fight I would and i kind of think i'd kick butt. You know how I am with bugs, as scared as I am. Imagine what i'd do if my life or the life of someone i love was in danger. Watch out. When I was younger, I used to get in fights. This sounds so funny to me because I really don't think I"m the sort at all. I don't usually give in to rage. It perplexes and scares me when i see others do so. But I also don't put up with no crap. And i didn't in elementary school either.

I remember going on a field trip and a boy who was a known trouble-maker sat in front of me. Zack was his name. He turned around and made obnoxious comments to me. He then started saying lewd things and all of a sudden, my hand comes up and i slap him across the face. I surprised myself, i think. Actually, I think that was in 7th grade. As i recall, i had one more run-in with this guy. Oh yes. In 8th grade the bell had rung and all the kids were crammed in the halls, slowly making our way out. He and i came face-to-face and he said to me, "get out of my way b----" whereupon I kicked him, he shoved me, I shoved him back and he hit the lockers. He fell and i walked away. What a punk. Anyway, my point is, things don't always end having anything to do with how you started writing them, and also, don't break into my home because i'll fight you. Also, i'm tired. Good night.


)en said...

no no. i remember now. I didn't kick him when he called me a b----, i slapped him. again. a year later. ha!

Brooke said...

Note to self: keep Jen around in case of fights.

Natalie R. said...

You go girl!!! That rocks, way to stick up for yourself. Somebody's gotta keep the jerks in line - consequences.

By the way, yes, I do ponder what I would do during a break-in/getting mugged, etc. And actually, when we were broken into my first reaction was to grab my violin case so that I defend myself with it if need be. Luckily the...jerk...was already gone.