Monday, November 26, 2007

Now Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding*

Ok, it is officially ok to begin celebrating Christmas. Poor Thanksgiving. Everyone just wants it out of the way. Yeah, yeah.. food and family and thankfulness--NEXT! Let's go get our treee! Anyway, I have actually been celebrating for weeks now but now I can do it openly. One major part of celebrating, for me, is playing some good Christmas tunes. Brooke made me an awesome Xmas mix last year and it's becoming probably my favorite Christmas CD. While listening, I started thinking about my favorite Christmas songs. Then that got to me thinking about my least favorite. Here are my faves:

Favorite fun Christmas song: Sleigh Ride, probably. I mean, you can't listen to this and not be happy and feel an uncontrollable urge to dance in some way. Also on this list: Biing Crosby's Jingle Bells with his backup singers. Oh man. If you don't know this, listen now. (it plays on in the background Christmas morning of A Christmas Story) I mean, they sing "brrrrup!" how can you not love that.

Favorite pretty Christmas song: Silent Night of course. Also, O Holy Night and What Child Is This?

Least favorite songs: I'm not a big fan of Up On the Housetop. It's just lame and boring. Also, Here We Come a-Wassailing. Boo.. take your wassail and shove it. Plus, i just hate the word wassail. Sean just informed me he hates I Saw 3 Ships. He also doesn't like Little Drummer Boy but I do.

So what are yours? Do you agree? disagree? I'm trying to think of others that bug me...

*(Sean's mom apparently hates We Wish You a Merry Christmas especially for that weird pudding part.. "we won't go until we get some, we won't go until we get some..." but I think it's frawesome. Demanding carolers. )


)en said...

I just thought of another one I love which is Baby It's Cold Outside--that duet. It's so dang funny. It's like a song about date rape (which isn't funny in and of itself, for the record.) "Hey, what's in this drink?" "The answer is no!" oh man..

Michelle said...

HAha! Oh how I love laughing out loud and your words. :)

Also like your favorites. But I think Oh Come All Ye Faithful by Bing is bangerang.

Songs I don't like......Susy Snoflake. Frosty the Snowman.

Natalie R. said...

Favorite - Oh Holy Night
Least Fave - Ding, Dong Merrily On High

Neither of us have heard Sleigh Ride; maybe you can enlighten us sometime. :0)

Brooke said...

I'm a big fan of traditional carols like The Holly and the Ivy. I also like O Holy Night, Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas, White Christmas (by Bing Crosby), I Saw Three Ships, and Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains.

I don't like that lame Beach Boys song with the line "Christmas comes this time each year." What, no, really? I can do without Jingle Bell Rock too.

)en said...

Sleigh Ride!! I know you've heard it. You can't be human and not know it.

"Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling 'yoohoo!' Come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you..."

michelle, curious: bangerang?

Yeah, that BB song is lame. I am learning so much about Christmas songs this year. Like i finally learned what that whole part in Winter Wonderland means about building a snowman and pretending he's Parson Brown. I think i missed a few key words. All these years i thought some lonely girl was wishing she could marry the snowman the next time he was in town, or something. I don't know.

the end.

Rachel said...

Hey Santa by Wilson Philips has got to me up there on the top. heh heh. But Santa Baby makes my skin crawl.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that my voice is needed here to staand up for the Beach Boys! Well I'm standing!

Oh, and the Three Ships song? What on earth is that one about? I keep thinking it's some old Celtic song and they've just changed out the words about Thor and... Lief Erikson... for something more New Testanmenty...

The Gardner Gang said...

One of my favorites.......nope, can't do it. I can't just have ONE to my name on this comment.

"Last Christmas (I gave you my heart...)",
"It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas" (The old two part one by The Osmonds)
"Oh Come, Oh Come Emanuel"
a group called 259 did a great accapella version
All of Cherie Call's "One Star" album (4 songs)
"Grown Up Christmas List" Amy Grant

I'd have to second "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
Plus I HATE "Grandma Got Ranover By a Reindeer"

Okay, I think that's enough.

Natalie R. said...

In Europe some people sing "Grandma got run over by a SmartCar!"

You're right Jen, I have heard Sleigh Ride, I just didn't know the name. Hey, are you a Manheim Steamroller fan?

)en said...

I am a Manheim Steamroller fan. I used to go w/my family all the time. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas in my house w/out it even though it can be pretty cheesy. Sean makes comments like this often and i tell him to shut it and love it because one day, after years of me putting it on, he's going to realize christmas isn't christmas for him either, without manheim.

also: Sean: THOR!! oh my gosh, i think i peed a little. Too bad you and Brooke have conflicting taste.. i was hoping you'd battle it out but i guess not.

Yes, the G-ma song is pretty lame. I kind of like Santa Baby though, not sure why.

Kelli said...

I too will stand up for the Beach Boys song. It was only this year that I heard that line and realized how spectacular that line was: "Christmas comes this time each year," what, like, say December 25th-ish? Yeah, you're right! EVERY year it DOES come around this time!

Also in the silly category, I concur with "Last Christmas" and add "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time" Awe. Some.

Scoresbys said...

I can't stand "Partridge and a Pear Tree" or whatever it's called. Also, not a fan at all of "Little Drummer Boy." The only version I can stand is the Bing Crosby/David Bowie but that's just because I have a thing for David Bowie. He'll always be the Goblin King in tights for me. On the favorite side--Mary's Lullaby from the Children's Songbook is sweet and simple. I also like Ave Maria even though I'm not Catholic and it's not technically a Christmas song. But I have a couple of Christmas albums with Ave Maria on it and it's a nice peaceful song. Funny story Jen/Sean/Sean's mom--My family has a Christmas tradition called Figgy Pudding night. We sing the song and go all out. Oh, and I really like "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day."

)en said...

"go all out." what does that mean? do you eat heaps & heaps of figgy pudding? what IS figgy pudding. Ave Maria is totally beautiful-love it. And, let's talk about David Bowie sometime...

RED ALERT everyone! Sean just informed me he doesn't like Still, Still, Still, a lovely song i failed to mention as a goodie. Everything he has said about the matter is now null and void.