Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I ran [to cheer people on] in the marathon!

This Sunday past was the big NY Marathon where crazy people run for 26'ish miles through each borough of NYC. Sean and I went to cheer on our friend. First, we missed him in Brooklyn, so we took a train up to 63rd st. & 1st avenue but missed him again. drat! So then we took a cab up to 91st st. & 5th avenue. We got a good place right up to the rail but after waiting for a while, we started to get kind of mad at our friend and began shouting at the crowd.

Jen: "Geez, come on! We've been standing here for 20 minutes! My legs are getting tirrrred!"

Sean: "Yeah, where are you?? I've been training for 6 months to cheer you on!"

Eventually he decided to show up and any ill feelings were forgotten as we cheered and high fived as he made the last 3-mile stretch. I like to think our being there really helped motivate him throughout the whole thing. He kicked butt and got a time of 4 hours 31 minutes. Katie Holmes got something like 5 hours, 30 minutes. SLOWPOKE!!

Here's me & Sean at the marathon:

Here's basically the same picture except you can sort of see the race behind us.


Joel said...

I dream of running a marathon one day. Of course, I also dream of filling a swimming pool with lime jello and fish made from grapes, and then sailing on it with a boat made from lasagna noodles. I'm not sure which is more likely to happen.

)en said...

um... joel, i have always dreamt of a swimming pool filled with jello. ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you it is true.

that's one of my dreams/wishes. the other two are:

1- having free reign in willy wonka's chocolate factory, especially the big main room with the chocolate river and giant gummi bears.

2- having access to a replicator like on star trek and i can have whatever i want to eat. " tomato soup. hot" and voila.

anyway, sorry about that. i have not, however, ever dreamt of running a marathon.

Rachel said...

I can attest to the jello swimming pool dream of Jen's. Doesn't sound bad.

Brooke said...

I too can vouch for Jen on the Jello pool.

Jen, those pictures are super cute. You're a good lookin' couple. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, those pictures are way cute! I love your hair!

)en said...

hey thanks. :) but flattery won't get you anywhere. just kidding, what if you said that when someone was trying to compliment you?

"i like your jacket"

"flattery won't get you anywhere."

Scoresbys said...

Maybe you'd have to say "flattery won't get you anywhere with this jacket. He's a real stick in the mud."

)en said...

i could say that, except i have no idea what you're talking about. ;)

i meann, i DO like throwing out idioms at random...